Official Trailer released for “Inherit the Witch” from Luxe Films

Luxe Films’ feature “Inherit the Witch”, written/directed by Cradeaux Alexander and produced by Rohan Quine, has now completed post-production. A psychological horror film that features supernatural drama, occult thrills and central gay characters, it was shot in late summer 2022 in London and in the New Forest in southern England.

A trailer has just been released, for this dark, witty and original story of manipulation, witchery, inheritance and murder, which is viewable at

In 1984 a family throws a 14th-birthday party for Cory and Jessie. 30 years later, what’s left of the family re-unites for the father’s funeral, at two isolated houses in the forest, historically a hotbed of witchcraft. There, horrific truths are slowly uncovered about the family’s occult pact with an ancient evil that has secretly been at the core of their wealth and power, as the remaining siblings uncover the true bloody darkness behind their inheritance…

Also just released, while “Inherit the Witch” now sets off into the festival circuit, are the following stills and poster artwork for the film.

“If you’re not afraid, you’re not alive…”

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