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5 Movies About Finance and where to watch them

On the day of the (possibly) last Budget of the current government, finance has been a recurring theme that filmmakers have explored with intrigue and fascination. From the high-stakes world of Wall Street to the cutthroat realm of corporate America, thefollowing movies that we have compiled for you, the reader to delve into the complexities of money, power, and human nature. Let’s take a closer look at five iconic films that have left an indelible mark on audiences and critics alike.

Screen One 5 movies about Finance

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Wall Street (1987) – Buy on Digital iTunes | Amazon | Google Play | Rakuten | Sky Store

Directed by Oliver Stone, “Wall Street” remains a quintessential classic in the genre. Set against the backdrop of New York’s financial district, the film follows the ambitious young stockbroker, Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), as he becomes entangled with the ruthless corporate raider, Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). With its memorable quotes (“Greed is good”) and gripping portrayal of moral ambiguity, “Wall Street” continues to resonate as a cautionary tale about the seductive allure of wealth and the ethical dilemmas it poses.

American Psycho (2000) – Streaming on Amazon Prime (Lionsgate+) | MUBI

Adapted from Bret Easton Ellis’s controversial novel, “American Psycho,” directed by Mary Harron, offers a chilling glimpse into the mind of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), a wealthy investment banker living in Manhattan during the excesses of the 1980s. Behind his polished facade lies a psychopathic killer, whose obsession with status, materialism, and superficiality leads him down a dark and twisted path. Blending satire with horror, the film serves as a scathing critique of yuppie culture and the dehumanizing effects of consumerism.

Trading Places (1983) – Streaming on Paramount+

Directed by John Landis, “Trading Places” is a comedic gem that cleverly skewers the world of finance while delivering laughs aplenty. When two wealthy brothers, Randolph (Ralph Bellamy) and Mortimer Duke (Don Ameche), make a bet to see if they can manipulate the lives of their employees, they swap the positions of a successful broker, Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd), and a streetwise hustler, Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy). What ensues is a hilarious and heartwarming tale of social commentary, redemption, and the absurdity of class distinctions.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) – Streaming on Netflix | NOWTV

Directed by Martin Scorsese and based on the memoir of Jordan Belfort, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a wild and raucous ride through the excesses of the 1990s financial world. Leonardo DiCaprio delivers a tour de force performance as Belfort, a charismatic and unscrupulous stockbroker who rises to dizzying heights of wealth and infamy through his ruthless tactics and unbridled greed. With its frenetic pace, jaw-dropping excess, and darkly comedic tone, the film offers a compelling exploration of the allure and consequences of unchecked ambition.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) – Streaming on ITVX | Rakuten TV | PLEX

Based on David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “Glengarry Glen Ross,” directed by James Foley, takes viewers inside the pressure-cooker environment of a real estate sales office, where a group of desperate agents resort to cutthroat tactics to survive. Featuring an ensemble cast including Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, and Alec Baldwin, the film is a masterclass in dialogue-driven drama, exploring themes of competition, masculinity, and the elusive nature of the American Dream. Baldwin’s iconic speech (“ABC: Always Be Closing”) has become legendary, encapsulating the ruthless ethos of the sales world.

These five movies offer a captivating glimpse into the multifaceted world of finance, exploring its highs and lows, its triumphs and tragedies, with nuance, depth, and undeniable cinematic flair. Whether through drama, comedy, or satire, they remind us of the enduring power of storytelling to illuminate the complexities of human nature and the pursuit of wealth. So, grab some popcorn, settle into your seat, and prepare to be entertained, enlightened, and perhaps even inspired by these cinematic treasures. Just try not to worry too much about how today’s Budget will affect you!

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Screen One 5 movies about Finance

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