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31 Days Of Horror Streaming – Day Nine

Welcome to October, the spookiest month of the year. And to celebrate the 31 day countdown to Halloween, we present you the 31 days Of Horror Streaming! All the films you can watch on UK streaming platforms as you count down the days to scariest day of the year!

31 Days Of Horror Streaming Day Nine on Screen One
31 Days Of Horror Streaming Day Nine

All the films selected are from the horror genre. They might might be creature features, classics, comedy horror or a straight up gore fest, but be assured they are all Horror movies for you. We will present one a day, some maybe more obvious enteries than others, but we hope that you enjoy them all.

Why not watch along with us each day for the 31 days and let us know what you think of the daily choices via our social community? You can follow, like, share and comment via the buttons below.

So without further ado here is todays selecetion, we provide you the film, trailer, synopsis and a link to where you can watch the movie. Have fun and don’t get too scared!

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (2011) Dir. Eli Craig Stream: ITVX

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil trailer

Tucker and Dale decide to go on a vacation to their cabin in the mountains. Their vacation takes a nasty turn when they are mistaken for chainsaw killers by a group of college students.

Released 23rd September 2011.

Tucker And Dale vs. Evil  Official poster on Screen One
Tucker And Dale vs. Evil Official poster

You know when a film comes along out of nowhere, that you know nothing about and it turns out to be and absolutely brilliant movie? Well, this is exactly what Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is. A genre bending black horror comedy, it absolutely rips! Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are brilliant throughout and the plot, cast, and direction are spot on. So sit back and enjoy a movie that is simply wonderful. You’ll be glad you did and then you’ll want to tell all your friends about it!

Join us again tomorrow for the next movie in our 31 days of horror streaming and get links to all the films Here



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