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Comedy Icon Nigel Planer joins us for the latest episode of Desert Island Movies

Join us for an exclusive dive into the cinematic world of the incredible Nigel Planer! In this episode, Nigel shares his all-time favorite movies, reflecting on his illustrious career, his latest literary triumphs, and some unforgettable moments that shaped his journey in entertainment.

Nigel Planer – Desert Island Movies

📚 Exploring “Jeremiah Bourne In Time” & “Making Other Plans” Nigel delves into his latest literary creations, “Jeremiah Bourne In Time” and “Making Other Plans,” offering insights into these captivating reads that will transport you across thrilling dimensions.

📺 Career Highlights and Iconic Roles From the iconic TV series “The Young Ones” to his uproarious work on the legendary Comic Strip, especially the riotous “Bad News,” Nigel reminisces on unforgettable moments and announces the exciting news of Den Dennis’s latest release, “Axogram!

🎭 Musical Theatre Magic Discover Nigel’s mesmerizing journey in musical theatre, from auditioning before the legendary Hal Prince to sharing the stage with Robert De Niro! He reveals the exhilarating experience of belting out Queen’s timeless tunes in front of Brian May and Roger Taylor. Join us for a captivating discussion filled with laughter, nostalgia, and incredible anecdotes as Nigel Planer takes us on a thrilling ride through his cinematic favorites and career-defining moments!

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Den Dennis – Axogram

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