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Review: Wonka

“Wonka” is a whimsical journey into the eccentric world of chocolate genius Willy Wonka, brought to life by the talented Timothée Chalamet. While the film delivers its fair share of delightful moments and visual spectacle, it falls short of fully capturing the magic of its source material.

Armed with nothing but a hatful of dreams, young chocolatier Willy Wonka manages to change the world, one delectable bite at a time.

First and foremost, Chalamet’s portrayal of the enigmatic chocolatier is commendable. His charm and charisma breathe fresh life into the character, offering a contemporary twist on the beloved figure. The film’s visual effects are also a highlight, transporting audiences to fantastical realms filled with candy-coated wonders.

However, “Wonka” stumbles in its pacing and storytelling. The plot feels disjointed at times, lacking the cohesiveness needed to fully engage viewers throughout the entire runtime. Additionally, certain character arcs and motivations are underdeveloped, leaving audiences wanting more depth and substance. Despite coming from the team that gave us the wonderful Paddington, it simply lacks that charm.

Despite its flaws, “Wonka” remains an entertaining watch for fans of the classic tale. Chalamet’s performance and the film’s stunning visuals ensure moments of enjoyment, even if they are interspersed with elements that miss the mark. Wonkas real highlight though, is the prescence of Hugh Grant who much like with other recent roles seems to be having a real Indian Summer. The film brightens with every moment he’s on screen, unfortunately there’s simply not enough of that throught the films run time. While it may not reach the heights of its predecessors, “Wonka” still offers a sweet escape into a world of imagination and wonder.

The extras offer the typical level of insight to the making of the movie, without being groundbreaking, although the pick of the vignettes/behind the scenes is “Hats Off To Wonka” which gives you a better look at the wonderful costumes used in the film guided by Costume designer Lindy Hemming. Would have been nice to have a commentary track, but alas there is not one.

“Wonka” is a mixed bag of sweets – enjoyable in parts, but ultimately leaving a craving for something more fulfilling.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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