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Lee McAteer joins the latest episode of Desert Island Movies

Welcome to the latest episode of Screen One’s Desert Island Movies! In this captivating installment, we sit down with the multifaceted Lee McAteer, PROGRESS Wrestling Co-Owner, Tranmere Rovers FC Associate Director, and the visionary behind Camp New York.

Lee delves deep into his cinematic favorites, unveiling his top movie picks and a soundtrack that resonates with his soul. But that’s just the beginning! McAteer shares the riveting tale of his journey to becoming a co-owner of PROGRESS Wrestling, offering insights into the world of wrestling and its dynamic evolution.

Moreover, discover the heart and passion behind Camp New York as Lee elaborates on its genesis and mission. As a lifelong devotee of Tranmere Rovers FC, Lee takes us through the exhilarating history and intense rivalry with Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham, offering a glimpse into the thrilling world of football fandom. Join us for an enthralling conversation filled with cinematic flair, wrestling wisdom, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering sports devotion.

Tune in to explore the fascinating life and diverse passions of Lee McAteer in this must-watch episode!

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Lee McAteer Desert Island Movies on Screen One
Lee McAteer Desert Island Movies

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