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Worzel Gummidge Heads To DVD 31st Jan

Four glorious stories from the magical world of WORZEL GUMMIDGE, written and starring the multi-BAFTA award winning Mackenzie Crook (‘The Office’, ‘Detectorists’, Pirates of the Caribbean), will be available on DVD from 31st January and on Digital Download now.

Inspired by the classic books of Barbara Euphan Todd, WORZEL GUMMIDGE is the treasured tale of a charming and irreverent scarecrow who mysteriously comes to life on Scatterbrook Farm.    This enchanting series is infused with a fun, mischievous spirit and is delivered with a timely environmental message. 

Featuring an all-star cast including Steve Pemberton (‘Inside No. 9’, ‘The League of Gentlemen’), Rosie Cavaliero (‘This Time with Alan Partridge’, ‘Gentleman Jack’), Vicki Pepperdine (‘Getting On’, ‘The Windsors’),  Bill Bailey (‘In The Long Run’, Hot Fuzz), Toby Jones (‘Detectorists’, ‘Don’t Forget The Driver’), Vanessa Redgrave (‘Call The Midwife’, Mrs. Lowry and Son), and introducing India Brown as Susan and Thierry Wickens as John, WORZEL GUMMIDGE includes four fun filled, family friendly adventures, Saucy Nancy, Guy Forks, Twitchers and Calliope Jane.  

Saucy Nancy

Susan and John visit a scrapyard where they meet Worzel’s old friend Saucy Nancy.  She is a carved ship’s figurehead and she wants their help to get back to the seaside.

Guy Forks

It’s the build up to Bonfire Night and a new face has arrived on the farm, Worzel’s cousin, Guy Forks.  Determined to win the argument of which can do the others job better, Worzel agrees to swap places with Guy and take his place on the top of the bonfire.  Can Susan and John find a way to rescue Worzel before it’s too late.


After a thunderstorm, a flock of rare choughs turn up at Scatterbrook Farm.  Keen to seize the opportunity to scare such a rarely sighted bird, Worzel enlists the help of Susan and John. But their plans are soon scuppered as word of the choughs gets around and a group of avid birdwatchers moves in. With the twitchers refusing to leave, can the children come up with a plan to help scare the choughs and save Worzel from embarrassment.

Calliope Jane

Susan and John are excited when they learn that FR Peregrine’s Travelling Fair is coming to Scatterbrook. But as much as he’d love to join his friends, Worzel can’t be seen wandering around by humans.  He recalls the legend of the fairground with an enchanted organ.  It is believed that, with the right music, the organ has the power to send humans to sleep so that scarecrows can enjoy the rides without fear of being seen.

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