Who Won The Christmas Day Streaming Battle?

Back in the day, one of the big conversations in the Christmas aftermath, was who got the TV viewing figures? Back in the 70s and 80s before the advent of VHS, the only place you could see the movies that were in the cinema in the past couple of years was on the BBC, ITV or later on Channel 4. Usually it would be won by the BBC wheeling out the latest Disney movie or family classic. ITV had James Bond to rely on and occasionally one of the other studios more edgy affairs. Be it a PG rated movie at 6pm or ‘A’ as it was back then. Literally waiting for the Radio or TV Times Christmas edition to be released so you could go through it and mark all the things you wanted to watch and then turning to Christmas Day to discover what the channels had pulled off for the big day was all part of the build up.

In more recent times it’s been a case of which soap garnered the viewing figures as movies became more accessible on home entertainment. However, with the dawn of streaming really taking off and this year, more or less because the worldwide Covid pandemic shut down cinemas, but also, because the streaming companies such as Netflix have their own studios now to create the next big thing and this year is no exception.

So let’s take a look at the big 3 released on Christmas Day and see which one, was the actions choice and the winner. Netflix had We Can Be Heroes The follow up to Shark Boy and Lavagirl. Disney+ had the eagerly awaited Soul and NOWTV had the Summer Rental dreaming hit Trolls World Tour. So lets take a look.

  • We do not have viewing figures for these movies, this feature is based on popular opinion and online reaction. So not too scientific.. But our opinion alone

We Can Be Heroes – Netflix

When this was announced and the trailer dropped there was huge excitement among a certain age group who remember Robert Rodriguez Shark Boy and Lavagirl, so when it was announced out of nowhere, the trailer became one of the most popular for that month, however it then emerged that Taylor Lautner of Twilight werewolf fame and the original Shark Boy was not to return, many were crestfallen and vowed not to watch. Which in a small way probably did hit the release. In fact Christmas Day came and went and not a lot of reaction or trending on social media was to be found. It also didn’t help that the film itself was somewhat lacklustre. So unfortunately, What initially was hugely anticipated, barely made a whimper on release.

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Soul – Disney+

Originally slated as Disney’s big summer cinema release, was pulled from cinemas due to the pandemic shutting down a large percentage of movie houses. Then to an even bigger surprise Disney announced that it would be released for free on their new platform Disney+ on Christmas Day. The reason it caused such a surprise was down to the fact that Mulan had just been released on a premium tier on the platform and a lot of people assumed that Soul would follow suit. However, Disney’s surprise move was probably the thing that tipped Soul over the edge with audiences. With a smart marketing campaign online to back it up, Soul was head and shoulders above the rest by the time Santa had completed his Covid secure deliveries. Globally trending for 3 days, Soul was not only a winner with the critics, but families and all those who watched it for the most part.

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Trolls World Tour – NOWTV

Trolls World Tour was the first of the big cinema movies to movie to online streaming rental at the height of the pandemic in the early summer. Charging customers £13.99 for a 48hr rental on your platform choice, Trolls World Tour hit it big. With large portions of the public taking up on the deal, being that an average family of four would spend around £70 on a cinema trip (Tickets, Food and beverages), children everywhere who loved the colour and song explosion of first movie, the sequel starring a returning Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, you could label it a smash hit. So did that hinder it on Christmas Day for people watching? Well sort of. But then sort of not. As you would realise, with anyone who has child under the age of 10 who has seen Frozen, they don’t just watch it once, it’s on repeat… all the time! So Trolls World Tour had it’s audience back, but did it sweep the nation to take the title?

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So in conclusion who was the winner of the Christmas Day Streaming Battle? Well, there was a clear margin that Disney+ walked away with it with Soul as it was a big movie release that had been saved for the big day and the audience tuned in. A smart move by the house of mouse. Trolls World Tour was a close second and one time when viewing figures are released, we may find that long term Trolls World Tour got the most rematches, time will tell. The big loser however was We Can Be Heroes, that seemingly disappeared without a trace. The signs weren’t good though. Press reviews were embargoed until the Christmas Day release which is never a good sign if you are trying to create buzz.

Netflix seemed more intent on pushing Cobra Kai season 3 which has had it’s release date moved up to New Years Day (You can read our review HERE ) and deservedly so. But in the case of We Can Be Heroes, it’s back to the drawing board we’re afraid. But this is not a conclusive examination, we will let YOU be the judge of what you thought was the winner and please feel free to add your comments and let us know your thoughts. But for now roll on next years content!

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