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Watch an Exclusive Clip from Hong Kong heist film The Moon Thieves In Cinemas NOW!

Directed by Kim-Wai Yuen (TV series We Got Game), THE MOON THIEVES stars pop stars Anson Lo, Edan Lui, and Keung To as a special appearance, from Cantopop global sensation MIRROR, who are bringing their global tour to the UK next month, as well as singer-songwriter and actor Louis Cheung and Michael Ning (Port of Call) as seasoned veterans of the crime world. Away from the spotlight of the stage, the ensemble cast showcase their acting chops by bringing their skill of wooing fans to sweet-talking hardened criminals in this engrossing and darkly fun caper that has twists and turns around every corner.

SYNOPSIS: Loi Bo Watch Company, Hong Kong’s esteemed watch boutique, conceals a thrilling secret—it serves as the epicentre for stolen timepieces. Under the icy command of Uncle (Keung To), a fearless crew assembles: an audacious thief (Louis Cheung), explosive specialist (Michael Ning), lock-picking prodigy (Anson Lo), and watch connoisseur (Edan Lui). Their target? Tokyo, where they plan to heist three ultra-luxury watches.

In the cloak of shadows, their mission takes an electrifying twist as they chance upon the ‘Moonwatch,’ the iconic timepiece that once graced the lunar surface. A spontaneous decision triggers a relentless pursuit by the henchmen of a furious Japanese tycoon. Racing against exposure, the team unites, navigating the chaos to safeguard their very lives. Will they triumph in this pulse-pounding escapade?

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