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Top 5 Scorsese films on streaming to watch now

Martin Charles Scorsese was born on November 17, 1942 in Queens, New York City. Now celebrated as on of the worlds greatest living directors. Having amassed 67 released films with various projects in pre production, he’s one you simply can’t miss.

The voice overs, the long tracking shots, De Niro, DiCaprio, Gangsters, themes of faith, the cool soundtracks. Yes, you know when it’s a Scorsese movie. Scorsese’s Casino arrives on Digital Download on 24th Feb, so to celebrate that, we decided to find the best of the man his friends call Marty across all the streaming platforms.

To begin with none of the following popular Scorsese films are not availble currently on Streaming platofrms; Goodfellas, Wolf Of Wall St, The Last Temptation Of Christ, Cape Fear, After Hours, The Color Of Money and Kundun.

Before we start we’d also like to point out the follwing films that are on streaming platforms that didn’t make the top 5 are still worth watching and they are: Hugo, The Age Of Innoncence (Netflix), Raging Bull, Gangs Of New York, Mean Streets (Amazon Prime) and The Aviator (ITVX).

5. Shutter Island (Netflix)

Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, two US marshals, are sent to an asylum on a remote island in order to investigate the disappearance of a patient, where Teddy uncovers a shocking truth about the place.

The one Scorsese film in the list that doesn’t feature the staple voice over. But a tense pyschological thriller with Leo on fine form that keeps you guessing until the final twist is revealed.

Shutter Island Trailer

4. Silence (Amazon Prime)

Rodrigues and Garupe, two Catholic missionaries, travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor, Ferreira, who is believed to have been promoting Catholicism by going against the law.

A much over-looked Scorsese film. A career performance from Andrew Garfield, also featuring Adam Driver and Liam Neeson. Silence interlaces Beautiful cinematography against the backdrop of a Brutally realised story. This will stay with you long after the final credits have rolled.

Silence Trailer
Scorsese Silence movie poster on Screen One

Scorsese The Departed poster on Screen One

3. The Departed (Netflix)

An undercover agent and a spy constantly try to counter-attack each other in order to save themselves from being exposed in front of the authorities. Meanwhile, both try to infiltrate an Irish gang.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon duel their way across the city in this Infernal Affairs remake. Possibly one of Scorsese’s best gangster movies, however Goodfellas still holds the crown as the best. Featuring a cast to die for and action to match. Watch out though everytime an ‘X’ appears in a frame though…

The Departed Trailer

2. Taxi Driver (Netflix)

Travis, an ex-marine and Vietnam veteran, works as a taxi driver in New York City. One day, he decides to save an underage prostitute from her pimp in an effort to clean the city of its corruption.

Arguably DeNiro’s finest moment, as Travis Bickle. The film that inspired a 1000 impressions and parodies “You Talkin’ To Me?” This slow build tinder box, simply explodes in the final third. Unmissable.

Taxi Driver Trailer

Scorsese The King Of Comedy poster on Screen One

1. The King Of Comedy (Disney+)

Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro) is a failure in life but a celebrity in his own mind, hosting an imaginary talk show in his mother’s basement. When he meets actual talk show host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis), he’s convinced it will provide his big break, but Langford isn’t interested in the would-be comedian. Undaunted, Pupkin effectively stalks Langford — and when that doesn’t work, he kidnaps him, offering his release in exchange for a guest spot on Langford’s show.

In this age of celebrity, The King Of Comedy has never been so prescient. With Todd Philip’s Joker taking a lot of it’s cue’s from this film, it could almost be a prequel. DeNiro and Sandra Bernhard are amazing throughout and it’s another on of Scorsese’s films that has been woefully overlooked. There has never been a better time than now to add it to your watch list. Simply stunning.

The King Of Comedy Trailer

So let us know what you think of our list on our social channels or vai the comments below. What did we miss or which one would you take out?

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