Top 10 Michael J. Fox movies to stream now

Top 10 Michael J. Fox Movies to stream on Screen One

With the recent release of the Michael J. Fox documentary Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie on Apple TV+. It’s probably time to go and take a look at the best films from Michael that you can watch today via your favourite streaming channels.

Top 10 Michael J. Fox Movies to stream on Screen One
Top 10 Michael J. Fox Movies to stream

There are very few of Michael J. Fox’s movies out there to stream so we’ve added some that you can also purchase or rent digitally too. These are denoted in RED. To be taken to the movies click the streaming channel by each movie.

Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie is a documentary that gives us a rare insight to Michael’s career, family and his continuing battle with Parkinsons disease. It’s well worth seeking out on Apple TV+ to watch him discuss his career and how, once diagnosed with Parkinson’s he sought to hide it from the world. Then when it became all to obvious he announced it to the world and from there it follows how he has coped since. His family and his wife Tracy (Who is the real MVP in all of this. As she not only copes with her husbands affliction, but also raises a family of four children and balances her and her husbands careers) in particular are given centre stage as the story continues with Michael still no closer to the answers of where this journey will end up taking him.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Films that didn’t quite make the lsit but are worth seeking out The American President & Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Disney+). So without further ado, here is our top 10 list of Michael J. Fox movies available on streaming.

Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One

10. Teen Wolf (1985) MGM Channel (Amazon Prime)

Released in the same year as Back To The Future, Teen Wolf is your straight forward akward teenager (Fox) discovers he’s actually a werewolf (As you do) and becomes the most popular guy in school. It also turns out that werewolves make very good Basketball players.

Simple yet fun, it capitalised on Fox’s various charm’s and popularity from him also starring in the sitcom Family Ties where he made his name. Released in the UK off the back of Back To The Futures huge popularity, it’s not one of his films that will immedieatly jump to mind, but it’s simple fun with Fox doing what Fox does best.

Teen Wolf Trailer

9. Stuart Little (1999) Amazon Prime

Michela J. Fox doesn’t actually appear in Stuart Little as he voices the titular mouse in this fun family adventure.

With odes to Annie and Oliver! Stuart Little tells the tale of Stuart and his adventures when he is adopted into the Little family.

Featuring Geena Davies and Hugh Laurie as Mr and Mrs. Little it also features Jonathan Lipnicki who was fresh off stealing the movie off Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire.

Family movies in the 90’s didn’t come much better than this and it’s worth seeking out.

Staurt Little movie poster starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One
Staurt Little trailer

The Secret Of My Success starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One

8. The Secret Of My Success (1987) Available for rent and to buy

The Secret Of My Success wasn’t a huge hit for Michael J. Fox when it was released. Despite this, the story of a fresh faced college graduate Brantley Foster, who heads of to New York to make it big in business but discovers it’s a lot harder than he realises, gets a job at his uncles (Richard Jordan) firm in the mail room.

The film then decends into typical Fox fare as he charms his way to the top, but occupying an empty office and takes on a secret identity as a office executive. Featuring Supergirl Helen Slater as his love interest and Margaret Whitton as his amourous aunt, it’s a madcap slice of 80’s nonsense that’s well worth seeking out

The Secret of My Success trailer

7. Casualties Of War (1989) Available to buy and rent

Michael J. Fox in serious acting mode as Private Eriksson in Brian De Palma’s vietnam drama. Based on a true story, it centres round a squad of disgruntled soldiers led by Sgt. Meserve (Sean Penn). Who unecessarily kidnap a female villager.

Eriksson objects to the whole scenario and has to deal with the situation when the rest of the squad takes sides and sit firmly behind their Sgt. A real departure for Fox, who had also gone down the serious acting route the year previous with Bright Lights, Big City which was considered a flop. Casualties of War went on to garner several award nominations (Although none for Fox).

Casulaties of War movie poster starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One
Casualties Of War trailer

Back To The Future Part II starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One

6. Back To The Future Part II (1989) NOWTV

Back To The Future Part II is often considered the weakest of the BTTF trilogy, however it’s best viewed in conjunction with Part III as it’s actually very very good, the plot is excellent and the ins and outs back in 1955 again is some of the cleverest sequences you’ll see.

The continuing adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown may not be as incredible as the original, but Fox slips into Marty’s persona like he never left and everything about this including the huge cliffhanger is an absolute joy to behold.

Back To The Future Part II Trailer

5. Doc Hollywood (1991) Available to buy and rent

Michael’s first post Back to the Future movie (After the conclusion of the trilogy) sees our hero as plastic surgeon Ben Stone, who while on the way to his new job in Beverley Hills, crashes his car and has to stay the week in a local community as their general practioner.

With agreat cast that includes Woody Harrelson, Bridget Fonda and Julie Warner, Doc Hollywood has a similar feel to it as Groundhog Day. Fox again is on fine form in ultra charming mode, that wins oyu over in this fish out of water rom-com.

Doc Hollywood poster starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One
Doc Hollywood trailer

The Hard Way poster starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One

4. The Hard Way (1991) Available to buy and rent

Michale J. Fox’s second fish out of water comedies of 1991, this time sees him as Nick Lang. A Hollywood action star who coems to work with New York city police researching a new role. he is paired with Lt John Moss (James Woods) a hard as nails, straight talking, no nonsese cop who has to deal with Lang constantly annoying him, getting in the way of the investigation and imitating his mannerisms.

The unlikely duo end up in the midst of a murder investigation and Moss tries every trick in the book to get rid of Lang and chase the killer on his own.

A more gritty comedy that is directed by John Badham (Saturday Night Fever, Wargames, Stakeout, Drop Zone), but Fox and Woods make a superb Odd Couple.

The Hard Way trailer

The exciting conclusion to the Back To The Future series sees Marty and Doc transported back to the old west and if they’re going to get back to 1985, they’re going to have to do it without the use of lightning and fuel.

With the an incredible runaway train set piece that forms the films finale, Fox ends his run as Marty McFly in style and completes what is one of the most loved series of movies of all time to this day.

Back To The Future Part III Poster starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One

The Frighteners movie poster starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One

2. The Frighteners (1996) available to buy and rent

A pre Lord Of The RIngs Peter Jackson, wrote and directed this much overlooked comedy horror, featuring Fox as Frank Bannister, a man who after the tragic death of his wife can see dead people. However he uses this ‘gift’ to con people with the hekp of his ghostly friends.

However, when a demonic spirit appears that starts killing both the living and the dead, it seems that Frank is the only one who can stop it.

The Frighteners is a surprisingly excellent film. With Micheal J. Fox back at his best after various hits (Doc Hollywood, The Hard Way) and misses (Greedy, The Concierge), he found his groove once more for the fist time since the Back To The Future sequels. With a superb cast and a director who really knew how to do comedy horror if you’ve not seen it then make sure you do. Outside of BTTF movies, this is his best work.

The Frighteners trailer

  1. Back To The Future (1985) NOWTV

Was there any doubt what would occupy the number 1 slot? One of the greatest trilogies in cinema history, the story of Marty McFly and his Delorean time machine.

The film that started it all and is one of the few films that stands up by today’s standards, from the effects, to the story and acting it is an all time classic. It’s even gone on to spawn a musical version (Read the Screen One review here) and is till much loved across the world.

When you think of Michael J. Fox, you simply think Back To The Future.

Back To The Future poster starring Michael J. Fox on Screen One
Back To The Future trailer

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