Tony Timpone partners with HorrorNewsNet for SCREAMINGS Screening Series 

Screamings Series. Screen One
Screamings Series and legendary former Fangoria magazine editor Tony Timpone have formed a partnership to create the SCREAMINGS Screening Series, providing free advance showings of upcoming horror films and TV series in multiple cities.

This new venture will give the horror genre a theatrical presence like never before, boasting celebrity appearances and highlighting films from the major studios to independent companies to streaming services.  

For over 25 years, Timpone has previewed 200+ genre films from Universal, Columbia, Warners, Fox, Blumhouse, Lionsgate, IFC, Magnolia, Cinedigm, Gravitas Ventures, Screen Media and more.  He forged some incredible horror memories with showings of Trick R Treat, 28 Weeks Later, Land of the Dead, It Follows, The Host, Hostel Part III, The Descent, Insidious: Chapter 3, Night of the Demons, Prevenge and American Zombie, just to name a few. Special in-person appearances included memorable directors (George Romero, Dean Devlin, Marcus Nispel, Michael Dougherty, Vincenzo Natali, James Wan, Morgan Spurlock, Boaz Yakin and Leigh Whannell) and popular stars (John Cusack, Ron Perlman, Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany, Malcolm McDowell, Dylan Baker, Robert Sheehan, Dallas Roberts, Luke Goss and Lin Shaye). The legacy will continue with HNN! 

Nothing beats seeing a new horror film in advance on the big screen,” says Timpone, “and getting the word out on films both big and small. My previous shows have created great word of mouth and grass-roots enthusiasm for some classic chillers. With my new HNN partnership and the Screamings program, I look forward to introducing a future wave of exciting genre features to horror fans as part of an essential theatrical experience.”

Screamings will launch late this winter/early spring. Venues in NYC, LA and San Francisco are already lined up; additional cities being eyed include Austin, Chicago and Philadelphia. 

The Screamings Series will be heavily promoted across Michael Joy’s HorrorNews.Net website and its affiliate fan outlets through Marketing Macabre

“This is like your best nightmare coming true!! Horror movies and TV Series screening, right in your local neighborhood! Not only are you getting to see it before the rest, but the bonuses you can ONLY partake in, at these advanced “Screamings”!! Finally, someone has thought of rewarding the ravenously, loyal horror fans!! – Shel Marie | VP Marketing Macabre

“It’s a honor working with Tony to create this new Screamings screening series.  This is an incredible opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of today’s most frightening horror films and give movie-goers a reason to return to the cinema.” – Michael Joy | HorrorNewsNet

Get Ready to SCREAM your head off! Screamings is coming to a theater near you!

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