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All The Right Noises – New Thunder Album Reviewed & 48Hr Streaming TV Special

Thunder - All The RIght Noises Album on Screen One

Despite a worldwide pandemic, nothing will slow down the path of 30+ year British rockers Thunder, who have released the new album ‘All The Right Noises’ and what a release it is. Coupled with it a special 48hr streaming event TV Special in which the band will be peforming a concert that you can stream into you very own front room from Saturday 13th March (You can find the details below).

From the bombastic Last One Turn Out The Lights an ode to recent British political events, namely Brexit to the whimsical rock ’n’ roll closing track She’s A Millionairess, Thunder have simply knocked it out of the park with All The Right Noises.

Last One Turn Out The Lights – Thunder

Luke Morley has really let rip with his song writing here with everything from the aforementioned Brexit bashing Last One…, to songs that deal with Mental illness and depression (Destruction),the rise of Donald Trump (Force Of Nature) and the moody and atmospheric sounds of the evils of Populism (The Smoking Gun). But what this album has is a beautiful balance as the album has some great fun, rocking numbers (Sin City, Young Man, Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die) too. Then there is the live event crowd pleaser (which will no doubt include some crowd interaction You’re Gonna Be My Girl).

As ever Danny Bowes soaring vocals make the album fly that much higher, none more so than on the beautiful power ballad I’ll Be The One that you could easily here sitting top of the charts. Nice to see that large elements of the album are bass riff heavy too, so we get to sample what a talent Chris Childs is. Lest we forget Harry James on drums with those signature shades on which you can feel percolate through the soundwaves of every beat and the multi-talented Ben Matthews rounding out the group with his signature keys and guitars sounds.

Thunder - All The Right Noises Vinyl on Screen One
Thunder All The Right Noises Vinyl

It seems that the band have learnt some lessons from their equally brilliant 2019 album ‘Please Remain Seated’ which turned the Thunder Album on it’s head by radically reworking some of their classic songs with completely new and diverse approaches. Again with All The Right Noises, the songs are not your usual Thunder fare, while still be a quintessential hard rocking Thunder Album. What the band have put together here is a superb album that manages to rock you to your core, coupled with you fist pumping live event good time numbers and even shoehorning some social commentary without turning down the fun or the grandiose rhapsodic majesty of what they have created here. More please. Oh and when Thunder release the inevitable live album, here’s hoping that they don’t miss the opportunity to call it All The Right LOUD Noises!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Despite the pandemic the band have come together to create a one off TV Special that is available for 48hrs from Saturday 13th March. They will be paying songs off the new album with no doubts some of their favourites too. It’ll like having a concert from the boys in your very own living room until we can once more gather at live event venues. You can watch along by clicking the following link:

TV Special Info & Tickets:

Buy All The Right Noises Here:

Thunder - All The Right Noises Vinyl & CD on Screen One

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