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The Vulture Comes Home to Roost: The Ascendance of Spike Trivet

Last night, Spike Trivet once again swooped in and destroyed dreams and crushed the latest heir to throne apparent in Kid Lykos in doing so also claimed his mask and some say his soul, as once again ‘The Vulture of professional wrestling’ and leader of “Dominātus Regnum” once again confounded the wrestling narrative and stole people’s fairytale ending, something he has generated a penchant for…

Spike Trivet Vs. Kid Lykos – PROGRESS World TItle

In the world of UK independent wrestling, few names resonate as vibrantly as Spike Trivet. His journey from obscurity to the pinnacle of the indie scene is not just a narrative of triumph but a testament to resilience, skill, and an unyielding dedication to the craft.

Born and raised in the heart of England, Trivet’s love affair with wrestling began. Drawn to the spectacle and athleticism, he found solace in the ring—a place where his charisma, quick wit, and in-ring prowess converged.

Trivet’s ascent wasn’t meteoric. Far from it. It was a slow burn, marked by grueling hours on the independent circuit. He cut his teeth in smaller promotions, honing his craft night after night, match after match. His determination was unwavering, fueled by an unrelenting passion for wrestling and an unshakeable belief in his abilities.

Spike Trviet Vs. Kid Lykos at PROGRESS Vendetta on Screen One

What truly sets Trivet apart isn’t just his in-ring talent—it’s his ability to captivate audiences with his persona. The Vulture, as he’s aptly named, swoops in with razor-sharp verbal skills, tearing into opponents and spectators alike with his biting wit. His promos are electric, laced with sarcasm and a biting edge that demands attention. Trivet doesn’t just wrestle; he performs, leaving an indelible mark long after the bell rings.

But it’s not all about the theatrics. Behind the bravado lies a wrestler with an impressive skill set. His technical prowess in the ring is often underrated, overshadowed by his larger-than-life persona. Trivet’s matches are a symphony of calculated moves, showcasing a deep understanding of the sport and a penchant for adapting to any opponent’s style.

The turning point in Trivet’s career came when he decided to return to his roots and rebranded his persona somewhat. Armed with experience, confidence, and an undeniable hunger, he set his sights on dominating the very scene that sculpted him. And dominate, he did.

I Am The Vulture Of British Wrestling – Spike Trivet

His matches became the stuff of legend, drawing crowds and accolades from all corners. Whether in a sold-out arena or an intimate venue, Trivet’s performances were a masterclass in storytelling, leaving fans in awe and opponents reeling. The list of those that have fallen to Vulture over the last 24 months (Not just in PROGRESS Wrestling, but also shows such as Catch 22 Pro, Defy, North, Resurgence RevPRO, Riot Cabaret, Wrestle Carnival and wXw ) include: Big Damo, Cara Noir, Dan Moloney, Eddie Dennis, Mike Bird, Man Like Deriess, Gene Munny, Danny Black, Joseph Conners, Screwface Ahmed, Luke Jacobs, Connor Mills, Jonathan Gresham, Axel Tischer, Sha Samuels, Drew Parker and now Kid Lykos and in doing so has claimed his mask.

Wrestlers’ masks hold deep cultural and symbolic significance in various wrestling traditions worldwide. Originating in ancient civilizations like Aztec culture in Mexico, masks were used to denote power, identity, and spirituality. In wrestling, masks became a symbol of a wrestler’s persona, often tied to mythology or a character’s story. Luchadores in Mexico popularized masks in the ring, becoming iconic figures and preserving their anonymity while portraying larger-than-life personas. Masks symbolize tradition, honor, and the mystique of the wrestler, fostering a unique connection between the audience, the wrestler’s character, and the sport itself.

The rise of Spike Trivet mirrors the resurgence of the UK wrestling scene itself. With a resurgence in homegrown talent and a fervent fanbase, Trivet emerged as a beacon—a symbol of the scene’s potency and potential on a global scale.

Spike Trivet ©James Bourne Photography

Today, as he stands atop the UK indie wrestling hierarchy, Trivet remains grounded, aware that the climb to the summit was arduous but the journey has just begun. His ambitions stretch beyond the borders of the UK, aiming to leave an indelible mark on the global wrestling stage.

The Vulture has indeed come home to roost, not just in the UK but in the hearts and minds of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide. Spike Trivet’s story isn’t just about a rise to fame; it’s a testament to the unwavering spirit of a wrestler who dared to dream and fought tooth and nail to turn that dream into reality. Much to everyone else’s woe. Spike’s Kingdom of Domination or “Dominātus Regnum” sees no sign of abaiting anytime soon.

Spike Trivet appears at many wrestling shows across the UK and beyond. Check local listings for appearances.

You can watch Spikes rise in PROGRESS Wrestling on DemandPROGRESS+

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