The First Trailer For Amityville Thanksgiving Arrives

Who doesn’t love a goodl old low budget slaher everynow and then? Also, the Amityville Horrors are always good fun (Well for the most part maybe not so much some of the sequels…) And as Thanksgiving is upon us why not combine it all and take a look at the trailer for Amityville Thanksgiving! When you’ve watched the trailer why not let us know what you think by adding a comment below or joining our online community? You can do so by clicking the button of the channel below

Amityville Thanksgiving starring Julie Anne Prescott (The Amityville Harvest), Natalie Peri (Camp Bloodlust), Mark C Fullhardt (Bloody Nun), and Paul Faggione (Empires of New York) with newcomer Tom Ciorciar is set to come out early 2022 from SRS Cinema

A struggling couple visit a marriage counselor for the holiday as a last resort. Soon after they realize he has sinister intentions that may make this thanksgiving their last.

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