Superhero film LION-GIRL releasing November 7. Watch the new trailer

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Cleopatra Entertainment has set the North American and United Kingdom release date for LION-GIRL, a new Japanese Superhero film written and directed by cult film master Kurando Mitsutake and based on characters created by Japanese manga legend Go Nagai. The film will be released on Digital Platforms and on special Home Entertainment Blu Ray and DVD formats on November 7th, 2023.

Lion-Girl trailer

To accommodate the official release date, Cleopatra has launched a brand-new Trailer and a new Poster that is unique for its English-speaking territories. The U.S. Theatrical premier at the Arena Cinelounge in Hollywood this past August quickly sold out and was a success, enjoyed by a robust audience that included key cast and crew members. The special edition Blu-Ray version is chock full of bonus items, such as an exclusive on camera interview with Go Nagai himself, a behind the scenes documentary film about the making of Lion-Girl and as an extra bonus, footage from the Hollywood Theatrical premier that includes a Q&A with Director Kurando Mitsutake and the stars of the film.

Shot entirely in Los Angeles during the height of the Covid lockdown, LION-GIRL was produced in association with Tokyo’s TOEI VIDEO and tells the story of survivors of a meteor shower who are left to defend themselves against each other and monsters known as “Anoroc” who hunt and kill human beings for their lifeforce. 

Lion-Girl on Screen One

LION-GIRL has been making the rounds and gathering rave film critic reviews after its recent international film festival run as an official selection at The Fantastic Film Festival Australia and the Grossmann Fantastic Film Festival (Slovenia). 

The film stars Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13th, ,PREDATORS), Tori Griffith (WAKE UP, PRINCESS OF THE ROW), Damian TooFeek Raven (THE CHADWICK JOURNALS), David Sakurai (FANTASTIC BEASTS, ALFA), Shelby Lee Parks (GOOD TROUBLE), Matt Standley (FAIRYLAND, DON’T TEAR YOURSELF APART) and Joey Iwanaga (ENTER THE FAT DRAGON, RUROUNI KENSHIN:Final Chapter).

The rights deal was brokered by Cleopatra Founder and CEO Brian Perera, Tim Yasui VP/GM of Cleopatra Entertainment, and by Shiori Takata, the head of international Film Licensing for the Toei Company, LTD of Japan.

Lion-Girl movie poster on Screen One

Superhero film LION-GIRL releasing November 7

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