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Shane McCormick & Craig Fairbrass Interview – The Sun Also Rises

In this Screen One EXCLUSIVE first interview with Shane McCormick & Craig Fairbrass, we discuss their upcoming movie project The Sun Also Rises which is due for general release later this year. Shane (Who also, wrote, produced and stars in) talks about how he got the project off the ground, to be a final product, the influence of Nil By Mouth, His interest in films about Mental Health Awareness and where he goes from here. His friend and Co-star Craig Fairbrass also discusses how he came to be involved, what he thinks of Shane’s work and what’s next for everybody involved.

So check out the interview as we discuss all things The Sun Also Rises, which is due for release later this year.

‘The Sun Also Rises’ is the story of a woman (Raye) trapped in an abusive relationship with (Frank). The film charts her struggle to survive, her journey to escape, and how the cycle of violence affects all that come into contact with it.

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