Stay Out Of The Shower! Psycho Returns To Cinemas In A 4K Remastered Uncut Release

Park Circus distribution are currently lining up a 4k Re-Release of Hitchcock’s iconic slasher Psycho, which will be getting a limited release at selected cinemas soon. You’ll be able to watch it in it’s original theatrical version which adds back in 13 seconds which adds a little more of Marion as she undresses at the motel as well as shots of Norman’s bloody hands after he moves her corpse. Finally, the “uncut” film presents extra stabs when Norman kills Arbogast. So prepare yourself “Mother” is going to be back on the big screen to terrorise us once more. Check your local listings when it’s on release late May/June.

The Bates Motel will open its doors once again following its release in France last month, inviting a new generation of guests to enter one of cinema’s most iconic horror stories as Janet Leigh’s embezzling secretary falls foul of Anthony Perkins’ deranged hotelier.

Newly restored in stunning 4K, Psycho is now available in its original uncut form with 13 seconds of additional footage – previously removed by censors on release. Supported by a publicity campaign, trailer, and poster (above), Hitchcock’s chilling classic can now be seen as the legendary director intended.

Psycho 4K Restoration Hits Cinemas Soon (Check Local Listings)

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