SRS Cinema is excited to announce a new partnership with the cult label Cinema Epoch

SRS Cinema, a renowned cult movie label based in Central NY, is teaming up with the legendary indie label Cinema Epoch, famous for the “Samurai Cop” series, to bring their extensive catalog to MOD (manufacturing-on-demand) physical media – many for the very first time! This exciting partnership will initially offer these exclusive titles only on the SRS catalog site,

SRS and Cinema Epoch will work together to meticulously curate their vast libraries to release limited edition Blu-rays (BD-R) and may eventually expand to DVD (DVD-R). Depending on the fan response, some titles could become available beyond the site, but for now, will be the ultimate destination for physical media enthusiasts to secure these treasured films.

SRS Cinema head Ron Bonk said: “I’ve always loved what Gregory and Cinema Epoch have done. He’s a legend and his company known around the world. We’ve collaborated a little in past, but always had my eye on doing more with him, and I’m happy that this is another step in that direction.” “We are delighted to be working with SRS Cinema on this venture! Their passion for indie and international cult cinema is boundless” says Cinema Epoch head Gregory Hatanaka

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SRS Cinema is thrilled about this historic collaboration and hopes it will bring immense joy to physical media fans across North America.”

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