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The Best of Sir Sean Connery Movies to Stream Now!

With today’s (31st October 2020) sad news that Sir Sean Connery passed away in his sleep at the age of 90, we here at Screen One thought it would only be fitting to give you a list of where you can watch all the available movies from this legendary actor. Just click the link to the streaming platform that follows the film’s title to be taken there. Unfortunately, none of the Bond films*, Highlander**, In The Name Of The Rose or The Man Who Would Be King are currently availble to watch anywhere. However you can purchase them from various online streaming outlets.

5 Syar Sir Sean Connery on Screen One

So lets start this streaming list with some 5 star performances from Big Tam and where you can watch

The Hunt For Red October (Paramount+) Sir Sean plays a defecting (Or is he?) Russian submarine commander in the first of the Tom Clancy ‘Jack Ryan’ novels to hit the big screen, playing opposite and up and coming Alec Baldwin (Jack Ryan) and also featuring a pre-Spooks Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) as a Russian medical officer. A great old school cold war epic.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Disney+, Prime) The last great Indiana Jones movie (We are still in denial about the existence of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) features Sean as Indy’s dad, who is being held hostage by those pesky Germans. A great rip roaring adventure.

The Untouchables (Paramount+) Sir Sean won his only Oscar for his role as the Irish street cop O’Malley who teaches Elliot Ness (Kevin Costner) the ‘Chicago Way’ of bringing Al Capone (A terrifying Robert De Niro) to justice. Superb thriller that features ‘that’ famous scene at the train station from Brain De Palma

The Rock (Disney+) No not Dwayne Johnson, but the prison Island of Alcatraz features in this Michael Bay actioner. Connery is a former SAS operative languishing in jail and the last person to escape the island. He is brought in to help Nic Cage’s bio chemist break into the island and take down Ed Harris military insurgent team threatining to drop a couple of nerve gas missles on San Francisco.

Early Sir Sean Connery on Screen One

In this next section you can watch some of Sir Sean’s early performances that helped on his rise to stardom

Darby O Gill and the Little People (Disney+) A hitheto unknown movie in the Sir Sean Connery canon, but a very important one as this is the movie that Dana Natol saw and convinced her husband, a certain Albert R. Cubby” Broccoli to cast Sean as the lead in a brand new film about a secret agent called ‘James Bond.

Marnie (Now unavailable on Streaming platforms) After appearing in Doctor No, the first of the Bond films, he then appeared in Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie as a wealthy publisher that marries a compulsive thief (Tipi Hedren) and tries to unravel her mysterious past. Considered the last of the great movies from Hitchcock, but was a box office failure.

More from Sir Sean Connery on Screen One

Finally we have a collection of his other work that while are not what he likely be most remembered for, but are still worth checking out.

The Presidio (Paramount+) A Lt. Col. (Connery) and a Police Inspector (Mark Harmon) are teamed up together to solve a brutal murder. The only problem, they detest each other as Lt. Co. Caldwell helped run out P.I. Jay Austin out of the military police a few years earlier. Interstingly, the role played by Harmon was meant to be played by Don Johnson before he dropped out at the last minute. However much to Connery’s disappointment it was originally meant for Costner who Connery very much wanted to work with again after The Untouchables. However he ended up passing on the project.

Entrapment (Disney+) A film probably remembered for Catherine Zeta Jones skin tight costumes that she performs various moments of gymnastics in, Entrapment is about a insurance investigator (Zeta Jones) tracking down a notorious art thief (Sean Connery) and trying to convince him to steal a Chinese mask worth $40 million. However, he first wants her to prove herself to be trustworthy, so ‘Mac’ asks her to steal a vase from a local antique store.

Family Business (Now unavailable on Streaming platforms) With a top line cast to die for (Sean Connery, Hoffman and Broderick), this caper movie is about three generations of criminals who reunite for one last caper. Directed by Sidney Lumet, this film deserved a far better recpetion that it orginally recieved as it’s actually pretty good all round.

First Knight (Now unavailable on Streaming platforms) In this final offering we have Sir Sean Connery as King Arthur in this updated retelling of the legends of Camelot. Julia Ormond plays Lady Guinevere, who is set to marry Arthur, that is until the arrival of Sir Lancelot played by Richard Gere who sets the cat amongst the proverbial pigeons.

We hope you enjoyed this selection of Sir Sean Connery movies available on streaming and whichever one you choose to watch don’t forget to raise a glass to the memory of the Big Tam. And while you’re here, please leave a comment and/or share across your social media channels.

The Best of Sir Sean Connery Movies to Stream Now!  on Screen One

*Since original publishing date, the Bond films are now available on Prime for a limited time

** Since original publishing date Highlander is now available on the StudioCanal+ streaming platform

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