Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home

The culmination of the ‘Home’ trilogy for Tom Hollands Spider-Man finally arrives with all the speculation surrounding whether Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will appear from the Multiverse to join the cast of supervillains (Willem Defoe – Norman Osborne / Green Goblin, Alfred Molina – Otto Octavias / Doctor Octopus, Thomas Hayden Church – Sandman, Jamie Foxx – Electro & Rhys Ifans – Lizard), we’re not about to spoil that for you, but needless to say that Spider-Man: No Way Home does come with plethora of surprises.

With Spider-Man’s identity now revealed, our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life as Peter Parker from the high stakes of being a superhero. When Peter asks for help from Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.

Ever since the first trailer dropped and the speculation started, No Way Home was built with a anticipation not seen since Avengers: Endgame, however, there’s something about Spider-Man the character, the stories, that just make it that much more than all these others.  Sony were right to hang onto the character and villain rights because No Way Home has the potential to be one of the highest grossing films ever.

The film pick up right from where the last one finished, with Peter’s life turned upside down with the revelation of his true identity.  This brings in Doctor Strange, who Peter enlists to make everyone forget, thus putting into motion a series of events that splits the multiverse wide open and all manner of consequences are revealed.

You have to ask yourself with No Way Home, is it simply a culmination of a story, a jumping off point or something else?  Well, to be honest it’s all of those.  By the films conclusion, Fiege has found a way to bring to an end Spider-Man’s involvement in the Disney MCU, if they so choose, but manage to cross over a key piece of story (Stay for the post credit scenes folks), that can carry Hollands Spider-Man into a new story which doesn’t require any of those that went before it, again if Sony/Fiege so choose. 

No Way Home has so. Many talking points that you could be here forever discussing them.  But NWH finds the emotional core of Peter Parker/Spider-Man like never before and will leave you not only worn out from the level of action that Jon Watts commits to screen, but you will be emotionally washed out too as throws several punches to your core, that will leave even the hardened superhero fan crumbling.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, is at heart an old school blockbuster spectacular that has been a longtime brewing.  Tom Holland now has become the embodiment of Spider-Man and it’s getting to the point where you can’t imagine anyone else playing him.  As for the rest of the cast, they all receive their moment in No Way Home. Zendaya and Marisa Tomei in particular bring real heart to the story and giving Holland’s Spidey real purpose behind his latest adventure.

It’s going to be really hard to top Spider-Man: No Way Home for both the MCU and Sony’s faltering hero line (See Venom & Morbius).  But if this is as good as it gets then its worth the journey.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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