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Review: Renegades

Jonathan Sothcott returns with his latest gangland production after the popular Nemesis, this ‘elevated revenge’ thriller Renegades. Starring the former ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ Lee Majors, we once again find ourselves in the capital’s seedy underbelly and a criminal syndicate picking on the wrong set of friends to mess with. It’s almost a British version of The Expendables…

Carver (Lee Majors), a courageous former green beret, who looks out for soldiers old and new and helps them in their hour of need. When struggling veteran Nick Moran (Lock Stock) comes to him for support, he does his best to help. Introducing him to his loyal old special forces comrades Peck (Ian Ogilvy), Woody (Billy Murray) and Harris (Paul Barber), they welcome the new­-recruit, living by their ethos of ‘You don’t leave a man behind even when the war is over and done with…’.

When Carver is shockingly murdered, by an international drug cartel, led by Goram (Louis Mandylor) the ex-army Renegades band together to protect his daughter Judy (Patsy Kensit) and exact revenge on those responsible.

Renegades is a whole bunch of fun. Having Majors front and centre for the beginning of the movie adds some real gravitas to proceedings, despite him not being a major star on the screen for a couple of decades. Probably his most notable appearance was in the modern Christmas classic, Scrooged, starring Bill Murray (In the ad sequence for ‘The Day The Reindeer Died’).

Talking of another Billy Murray, another one of Sothcott’s regular ensemble members appearing in various productions. Most recently taking centre stage in Shogun Films, Nemesis. Here Murray looks like he’s having an absolute blast, no pun intended, as one of the group of ex-army ‘Renegades’. Every scene he’s in will either raise a chuckle or doing something so outlandish, you wonder if he was actually following the script.

Ian Oglivy in Renegades from Shogun Films.

Screen One Review

Murray is joined by British acting royalty in Ian Ogilvy, Paul Barber, Nick Moran, Stephanie Beecham and Patsy Kensit, who seemingly hasn’t aged and lights up proceedings for her brief scenes. Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott rides into town as the detective leading the hunt on Goram and a set of gangland killings that may or may not be linked. Tying the story strands together, she proves that undoubtedly she can play more than just a gangsters wife. Sothcott in a spin off detective series? Yes please. (TV producers take note)

With various international talent (Danny Trejo, Louis Mandylor, Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister (in his final movie appearance), Michael Paré, Michael Brandon and of course Lee Majors) added into the mix, Director Daniel Zirilli has put together, quite the cast for a low budget, high thrills movie and it works for anyone looking for a decent thriller with plenty of blood, guns and gangsters.

If there’s anything to complain about, it’s the odd choices for the soundtrack and some of the FX are a bit ropey (Especially in the bar shoot out), that at times makes you think you’re watching a 90’s CGi TV show. But the good far outweighs this, with plenty of action, laughs and star power to carry it through.

Renegades yet again shows that Shogun Film’s and Renegades Producer Jonathan Sothcott, knows exactly what the audience wants and gives it to them with plenty of gusto. It’s a shame they kill off Lee Majors so early, as it would have been great fun to watch Mr Majors tear several bad guys apart, just for old times sake. But, alas it’s not meant to be. However Renegades builds up enough momentum by the films conclusion, that there could be enough for series of Renegades movies going forwards. The Brit Expendables are here and we suggest you don’t mess with them.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Renegades DVD Packshot.

Screen One Review

Renegades is released on digital 30 January and on DVD 6 February 2023

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