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Review: Pretty Woman The Musical

Pretty Woman The Musical UK Trailer

Pretty Woman the Musical at Savoy Theatre, London, is a truly enchanting and captivating experience. Aimie Atkinson, Danny Mac, Courtney Bowman and Andy Barke delivered stellar performances that left the audience mesmerized.

Based on the 1990 movie starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, the classic movie has transitioned seamlessly to the stage. Despite some moments that may be too racy for younger audiences, Pretty Woman is handled with care and dedication from the production team.

The true stars of the show were undoubtedly the talented cast, led by Aimie Atkinson, who delivered a stunning performance as Vivian Ward. Her portrayal perfectly captured the essence of the character, showcasing both vulnerability and strength with every note she sang. Atkinson’s powerful voice effortlessly conveyed the emotional depth of Vivian, leaving the audience spellbound. Her rendition of the iconic songs, such as “I Can’t Go Back” and “Anywhere But Here,” was simply breathtaking, and her chemistry with the rest of the cast, especially Danny Mac, was palpable.

Pretty Woman The Musical UK starring Aimie Atkinson on Screen One
<em>Pretty Woman The Musical UK starring Aimie Atkinson<em>

Speaking of chemistry, Danny Mac was a delight as Edward Lewis. His portrayal of the charming yet conflicted billionaire was spot-on. Mac’s vocal range was impressive, and he effortlessly conveyed the emotional journey of his character. His interactions with Atkinson on stage were electric, and their duets, particularly “You and I” and “You’re Beautiful,” were the highlights of the show. Their performances brought depth and nuance to the iconic love story we all know and love.

Pretty Woman The Musical starring Andy Barke and Courtney Bowman on Screen One
Andy Barke and Courtney Bowman in Pretty Woman The Musical UK

Andy Barke’s performance as Happy Man was an absolute delight. His stage presence and charisma shone through in every scene he was in. Barke’s ability to engage the audience and deliver his lines with impeccable comedic timing was truly impressive. His interactions with the rest of the cast brought a vibrant energy to the stage, enhancing the overall dynamic of the production and transferring that energy to the audience in attendance who got wholly absorbed into the entire evening. His partnership with Courtney Bowman absolutely steals the show, their timing and sheer amount of fun they bring is infectious.

Andy Barke Screen One Interview

The production value of Pretty Woman the Musical UK was exceptional. The sets were visually stunning, seamlessly transitioning from scene to scene, creating a vibrant and immersive world. The costumes were exquisite, capturing the glamour and style of the 1980s era with precision. The choreography was energetic and executed flawlessly, further enhancing the storytelling and adding a captivating visual element to the performance.

The musical numbers were a true highlight of the show. The catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics perfectly complemented the narrative, adding depth and emotion to the characters’ journeys. From powerful ballads to infectious ensemble numbers, the songs were delivered with passion and talent by the entire cast, leaving the audience wanting more.

Overall, Pretty Woman the Musical UK is a triumph. Aimie Atkinson and Danny Mac, along with the entire cast and crew, have crafted a memorable and enchanting theatre experience. From the exceptional performances to the stunning production value, this adaptation deserves high praise. I highly recommend catching this remarkable production before it closes in June before transferring to a UK tour in October. Anyone seeking an evening of pure entertainment and theatrical magic, then seriously consider Pretty Woman the Musical.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Pretty Woman the Musical starring Aimie Atkinson and Lee Mack on Screen One
<em>Pretty Woman the Musical UK poster<em>
*Please note* at time of writing Danny Mac was starring as Edward Lewis. The role is currently being played by Oliver Tompsett.

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