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Heathers The Musical Screen One Review
Heathers The Musical – Trailer

Heathers: The Musical currently playing at The Other Palace in London, is now joining the event cinema, one night only screenings on the 28th April.

Based on the 1988 Michael Lehmann film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, Heathers: The Musical has won the What’s On Stage Best New Musical and continues to play to packed houses every week. The show has also recently started a UK- wide tour.

Veronica is part of the most popular but snobby clique at her high school. Soon she starts killing the cool kids with the help of her new boyfriend J.D. Simple premise, but it still comes full of surprises. The show takes this adds bright lights, music and a slather of raunch to bring you a spectacle that is a real treat.

Heathers The Musical starring Ailsa Davidson and Simon Gordon. Screen One
Heathers The Musical starring Ailsa Davidson and Simon Gordon

Heathers: The Musical is a well worked adaptation (And the latest in a long line of movie adaptations to the stage) by director Andy Fickman and Gary Lloyd’s choreography in such a confined stage. It’s kicks off with an introduction to most of the characters. Then the real show begins as the majestic arrival of the Heathers lands and you are swept very quickly back into the story for a fast paced, high-tempo ride.

Featuring a plethora of toe tapping tunes and jaunty dance numbers with a cast that almost as enthusiastic as the audience in attendance. The audience that are there complete with their orange wristbands, seemingly are superman’s as they are the only distraction which at times becomes unbearable, with their glee of what’s to come pre-empting big moments and songs with various Rocky Horror like shout outs and cheering. It’s great that they are having the time of their lives, because the show is worthy of it, but for event cinema, it could have done with toning down in the mix somewhat.

Every musical number in Heathers: The Musical is a sure-fire winner, be it the big crowd favourites as Candy Store, Freeze Your Brain and Meant To Be Yours, or heartfelt I Am Damaged to the shows finale Seventeen, you will find yourself dancing away in your seat and will be searching out the soundtrack on Spotify after the credits roll. Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe have perfectly encapsulated the film, while breathing new life into the story for the musical stage.

Heathers The Musical starring Maddison Firth, Teller Hughes and Vivian Panka as the Heathers. Screen One
Heathers The Musical starring Maddison Firth, Teller Hughes and Vivian Panka as the Heathers

The cast are brilliant top to bottom, from the Heathers (Maddison Firth, Teller Hughes and Vivian Panka) who are devilishly bitchy and instantly obsessive for all who circle their atmosphere. Liam Doyle and Rory Phelan as Kurt and Ram are the perfect blend of high school-jock, to idiot sidekicks, to keep the deeply unpleasant date rape elements of their characters tolerable within the confines of this particular story. Simon Gordon as the coolest homicidal maniac in the 80’s, Jason “J.D.” Dean delivers a performance with a certain level of panache that never sinks into impersonations of Christian Slater, which a lot of these movie adaptations have a tendency to lean into.

However, it’s Ailsa Davidson who is the absolute breakout star of this performance of Heathers. Irresistible charm, beautiful voice, with sublime tone and delightful presence, that make you want to keep an eye on her trajectory as on this performance, she is destined for huge things.

Heathers: The Musical only real problem (Other than the over bearing audience noise), is that you are watching it on a cinema screen. You simply don’t get the same experience as seeing it live. So once you’ve watched it, it’ll lead you to the same conclusion. That you need to book tickets either at the Other Palace or the tour as soon as possible.

Who knew killing your schoolmates could be so much fun?

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Heathers The Musical Poster. Screen One
Heathers The Musical Poster

Heathers The Musical is in cinemas on 28th March

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