Clementine review: Intersting curio of a movie that takes you on a journey to… nowhere

Clementine is an interesting curio. In what is pitched as a thriller, Karen (Otmara Marreo) is still hurting from a one sided break up and escapes to the former couples cabin in the woods. While there she bumps into a younger girl, Lana (Sydney Sweeney) who is seemingly looking for her dog and then they strike up a strange friendship which becomes increasingly more complicated, the more Karen discovers about Lana.

Clementine will have you scratching your head throughout the films run time, but not necessarily in a good way. Somewhere between Swimming Pool (That featured Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier) and The Kings of Summer, but with neither the compelling narrative or actual plot. It’s been described as a slow burn, but that’s giving it far too much credit, it never gets past the embers.

First time director Lara Gallagher puts some seriously great cinematography onto the screen, but thats about it. there’s simply no discernible plot, the story just ambles along with not much to say for itself. A huge amount is implied, but never followed up on and the entire character of Lana is incredulous at best. The two female leads are tremendous and have some serious star quality about them, unfortunately this is not the film that will break them out.

Just as you think Clementine is about to do something, it abruptly doesn’t, leaving the viewer constantly wondering where it is all going. By the time the credits roll, you will finally realise the truth… Absolutely nowhere. Which is a shame because somewhere in here is a decent film trying to get out, problem is it’s hidden away and never really gets found.

Rating: 2 out of 5.
Clementine moive poster on Screen One

Clementine is released by Bohemia Media and is available on Digital now

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