Review: Batman The Long Halloween Part 2

Following from a scintillating first part the Long Halloween comes to it’s conclusion with Part 2 following directly on from where Part 1 left off.

Batman pursues a serial killer with the assistance of Police Officer James Gordon and Attorney Harvey Dent. But when the killer takes on the criminal family of the Falcones, Harvey Dent gets caught between the fronts.

As we return into the story of Harvey Dent/Two Face, the Holiday Killer and Bruce Wayne/Batman, there is a huge amount of ground covered in the sharp run time (90 minutes). The action comes thick and fast and the pace quickens from the first instalment. As with he first part the voice cast are particularly great and the animation is some of the best from the DC Animated movies.

Director Chris Palmer packs a lot in, include a vast menagerie of villains from the Batman universe. However it’s the story of the Falcones that really gives the movie it’s backbone. At times you could be forgiven for feeling like you are watching the animated version of the Godfather, with it’s interwoven stories and action, however the big difference of course is that characters like Batman, Two-Face and Poison Ivy among others are running about.

Definitely better than the first part but as a whole The Long Halloween is one of the best entries in the DC Animated Universe. A superb, intricate well worked story. If you can do both parts in one sitting and enjoy the sprawling saga in it’s entirety.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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