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Night of the Dead Sorority Babes bring their sexy horror to Indiegogo

Indie horror scream queens unite for Night of the Dead Sorority Babes from Acrostar Productions

Gorgeous sorority babes get initiated by two villainous entities, will any pledges survive? Party ’til you drop … dead! Night of the Dead Sorority Babes is a campy horror feature film. Steve Hermann of Acrostar Productions wrote the script specifically for a group of indie horror “scream queen” actresses, and cast enthusiastically attached to the project, with Angel Nichole Bradford co-directing with Steve Hermann. Sorority Babes is a short film that serves as a proof-of-concept for the feature film, now released on YouTube at Night of the Dead Sorority Babes will have gorgeous babes eager to reveal their best assets, villainous entities, plenty of campy horror, great practical special effects and a good story. This feature film will NOT be suitable for YouTube and is for adult audiences, seeking worldwide distribution for release in 2024.

Sorority Babes stars: Lynn Lowry – Ann Myrna – Angel Nichole Bradford – Jessa Flux – Mel Heflin – Anna Clary – Kelsey Livengood – Mia Katz – Ashleigh Amberlynn – Samantha Hupp

PRODUCER Ann Myrna –
DIRECTED BY Steve Hermann and Angel Nichole Bradford –
MUSIC BY Edward Grant
WRITTEN BY Steve Hermann
SFX MAKEUP by Angel Nichole Bradford and Kelsey Livengood

Night of the Dead Sorority Babes is being filmed in April 2024 in central Illinois. A crowdfunding campaign offers ways for fans to become involved in the movie, from IMDB credit to items signed on set and acting perks, visit

Night of the Dead Sorority Babes poster on Screen One
Night of the Dead Sorority Babes poster

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