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Movies Of 2020 – Part II

It’s the second and final day of the Screen One Movies Of 2020, today is part II (10-1), concluding with the top 20 countdown. It’s been a strange year what with the Covid pandemic and we saw cinemas open, then closed, then open briefly to shut again with only a limited few remaining open by the years end. Then, due to this saw films start to appear on streaming services, such as newcomers, Apple TV+ & Disney+ as well 48 hour rentals on the sell through streaming sites such as Google Play, Itunes, Rakuten, Roku and many more. So, we finish our countdown from Numbers 10 – 1 of the Screen One Movies Of 2020 Part II. (Where you can watch them is in italics after the title.)

10. Cagefighter Worlds Collide

(Available to buy on iTunes/Google Play from March 15th)

2020 had some excellent MMA movies. It also had Nicholas Cage’s Jiu Jitsu as well, but in at number 10 is the hugely entertaining Cagefighter, starring European MMA contender Alex Montagnani and AEW and former WWE star Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose. Director Jesse Quinnones has put together a superb by the numbers Rocky/Karate Kid/Never Back Down style actioner. It’s not going to be winning any Oscars anytime soon, but it’s a whole heap of fun. Featuring many famous faces from the worlds of Pro Wrestling and MMA, it featues some of the hardest hitting fight scenes you will see committed to film.

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9. Bill & Ted Face The Music

(Available to buy on iTunes/Google Play from Jan 9th)

Wheh the pandemic hit and people were looking for something to cheer them up, Bill & Ted returned to save us all, with a downright fun movies that is totally excellent dudes. With all the old crew on board and now with Bill & Teds daughters in tow, it’s another film that may not win many awards but you will enjoy it, especially if you’re a fan of the previous two movies.

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8. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

(Available to watch on Prime Video now)

Another one of those movies that came along at just the right time, well maybe not for the Trump election campaign.. Borat returned carving a hilarious path of chaos once more on the unsuspecting American public. Featuring some absolutely brilliant set pieces, none more so than Rudy Giuliani ‘trouser adjusting’ horror show. Sacha Baron Cohen also gave us a new acting superstar in the shape of Maria Bakalova as Borats daughter, Tutar. Sacha still has the ability to entertain and shock, even after all this time. Do yourself a favour and give it a watch.

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7. On The Rocks

(Available to watch on Apple TV+ now)

Bill Murray is an international treasure. Murray returns to work with director Sofia Coppola once more and she seems to get the absolute best out of him. Rashida Jones is the perfect foil for him too. She doesn’t try to match his cahotic zaniness but still manages to go toe to toe with him, throughout the movie. A beautful drama with exquisite cinematography, it’s one you should definetly check out as soon as you can.

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6. Huracán

(Is still on limited release at UK cinemas now)

MMAs version of Todd Phillips ‘Joker’ is at times a brutal watch. Using the backdrop of the MMA world, training in the gyms to getting in the cage. Cassius Corrigan uses the film to examine mental health issue Multiple Personality Disorder. Corrigan, wrote, directed and starred in the film, which if you can find a cinema showing it while it awaits a streaming release, is a brillaint, brilliant movie.

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5. Herself

(Is still on limited release at UK cinemas now)

One of the best movies to appear at the London Film Festival 2020, Phyllida Lloyd’s Irish drama is a far cry from her previous movie Mamma Mia. Don’t expect some uptempo Abba numbers here. One woman’s battle to escape her abusive past with her two daughters and create a new life for them by building a house for them to live in with little resources and a motley collection of helpers. She faces an uphill battle of bureaucracy and red tape, plus the ongoing battle with her ex-husband, it’s another hard watch at times, but wonderfully uplifting too.

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4. 1917

(Available to watch on Prime Video now)

At the height of the First World War, in a race against time, two soldiers must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldier. One of the soliders,Blake, his own brother among them. Sam Mendes crafted a superb war movie, however the real star of the movie is Sir Roger Deakins increible cinematography, styled in one continious shot, we follow in ‘real time’ the two soldiers mission as the time ticks down to the attack. Compelling and Peerless.

3. Soul

(Now available to watch on Disney+)

A very late entry to the list, it was definetly worth the wait. It’s summer release put back to Christmas Day due to the developing pandemic, Soul was launched on Disney+ as it’s big Christmas film. And boy did it deliver. Following the Disney/Pixar tried and tested formula of being human and the human emotion, the amazing animation and soundtrack, coupled with a brilliant voice cast led by Jaime Foxx, Soul is the full on experience for old and young alike.

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2. Parasite

(Available to watch on Prime Video now)

One of those films that the less you know about going in the more you will get out of it as the film unfolds it’s intricate, layered plot. A film that is more than likely going to end up on top of a lot of best of lists this year and the first ever international winner of the best picture at the Oscars, Bong Joon Ho simply has created something absolutely magnificent here and demands to be watched more than once.

  1. JoJo Rabbit

(Available to watch on NOWTV/Sky Movies now)

So our number one pick is Taika Waititi’s brilliant Second World War black comedy JoJo Rabbit. With it’s brilliant cast, compelling story and whip smart script, JoJo Rabbit was one of those films that simply consumed you and left you thinking about it long after the credits have rolled. With outstanding turns from Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Johansson, Thomasin McKenzie and Roman Griffin Davis as JoJo it is one whirlwind of emotions from start to finish, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry but most of all you’ll love the whole experience.

And that’s the Screen One Movies of 2020 done. If you want to check out films 20-11 the simply click HERE. Let us know what you thought of these films in the comments or online via our social media channels.

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