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Take A Trip To Laguna Ave on Arrow

On February 1 2022, the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW premieres LAGUNA AVE., a brilliant and bizarre sci-fi comedy from director David Buchanan, written by Paul Papadeas. 

A truly offbeat slice of surrealistic mayhem, LAGUNA AVE. is a fiercely energetic and often hilarious 80 minute trip,   filmed in black and white, that Film Threat says “comes on like a 90s-era slacker comedy and goes out on a note of apocalyptic dread”.

The film features a terrific lead performance from Russell Steinberg (Days Out of Days, Adventureland) as a beleaguered former musician trying to eke out a living on the unforgiving fringes of Hollywood, who stumbles upon something very strange indeed when the enigmatic Gary (James Markham Hall Jr, Snake Out of Compton) moves into his apartment building. 

Delirious, demented, and occasionally whacked-out druggy, packed with weird and wild characters, a pulsing, pounding soundtrack, and a plot that defies description, this “gonzo schlockfest” (Kim Newman) is US indie cinema at its most entertaining and original. A nutty blend of Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Darren Aronofsky’s Pi, Swingers and Tetsuo: The Iron Man, LAGUNA AVE. is an address you really need to visit as soon as possible.

Russell, a burned-out television editor and middle-aged slacker with a prosthetic hand futilely searches for work in Hollywood’s brutal, exploitative underbelly. His former boss owes him money, his partner Rita is always out of town and inaccessible, and his new downstairs neighbor, Gary keeps him awake at night with mysterious, disturbing noises. But everything changes one evening when Gary pays Russell a visit introducing him to a sinister world of an accelerationist conspiracy.

Watch LAGUNA AVE. first: head to ARROW and start your 30-day free trial. Available on the following Apps/devices: Xbox, Roku (all Roku sticks, boxes, devices, etc), Apple TV; iOS devices, Android TV and mobile devices, Fire TV (all Amazon Fire TV Sticks, boxes, etc), and on all web browsers at

Subscriptions are available for £4.99 monthly or £49.99 annually

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