Cassius Corrigan Interview – Huracán

The Screen One Interview with Cassius Corrigan. The Actor, Director, Producer and Writer of the Mixed Martial Arts based Thriller Huracán, Cassius Corrigan took time out from his busy schedule to discuss the triumphs and struggles of bringing the story of Huracán to the big screen. How he got UFC superstar Jorge ‘Gambred’ Masvidal involved and the importance of authenticity of the Multiple Personality Disorder theme that runs throughout the film.

Huracán is in UK Cinemas Now

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For the brutal world of Mixed Martial Arts fighting, only the toughest (both physically and mentally) survive. Huracán follows Alonso Santos (Cassius Corrigan) as he struggles to make it as a professional in the MMA sphere. As he lands punches and kicks inside the ring, outside he too battles – trying to overcome his Multiple Personality Disorder which manifests itself in his fearsomely aggressive alternate personality, Huracán. With help from his therapist, Isabella, played by Yara Martinez (True Detective, Jane The Virgin), Alonso prepares for the biggest fight of his life, knowing he must master himself before he can defeat his opponent.

Huracán official UK Quad poster on Screen One
Huracán official UK Quad poster Cassius Corrigan Interview – Huracán

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Official Poster  starring Cassius Corrigan on Screen One

Huracán is out now in UK Cinemas

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