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Hard To Kill – Episode 3: Get To The Chedda!

“Get To The Chedda” is the ultimate throwback experience hosted by the dynamic duo, Matt Bourne and Malcom Martin. Join them on a nostalgic journey through the adrenaline-fueled world of 80’s and 90’s action movies. From the explosive stunts to the iconic one-liners, they rewatch these classics, dissecting each scene to see if they hold up against today’s standards. With their infectious humor and insightful commentary, Matt and Malcom dive deep into the heart of these films, exploring the nostalgia while also examining how these action-packed gems resonate in the modern era. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of nostalgia and critical analysis on “Get To The Chedda” as they uncover whether these cinematic legends still pack the punch they once did.

In this episode of Get To The Chedda! Matt and Malcom bring the Steven Seagal opus Hard To Kill to the table for cheese-o-meter treatment. They discuss empty hospitals, the insane amount of crimes Mason Storm commits, Kelly LeBrock as a nurse and much much more.

Hard To Kill was originally released in 1990, directed by Bruce Malmuth. It was a action vehicle for Steven Seagal, who also had Nico/Above The Law & Marked For Death released in the same year. Hard To Kill also starred Kelly LeBrock, William Sadler, Frederick Coffin, Bonnie Burroughs & Branscombe Richmond.

Left for dead with his wife killed in their house, L.A. Detective Mason Storm will have to make a quick recovery, expose those behind the murder and take revenge.

Credits Hosted By: Matt Bourne & Malcom Martin

Titles: Richard Blackburn (Exeo Creates

Produced & Edited: Matt Bourne

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