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Celebrate Jumanji’s 25th Anniversary With Our Picture Quiz!


Before computer games there were board games, and before Dr Smolder Bravestone there was Alan Parrish.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Joe Johnston’s Jumanji, starring the late great Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst and Bonnie Hunt. On the 15th December 1995, Jumanji premiered in cinemas across the US. In 1969, a unique and mysterious board game falls into the hands of a young Alan Parrish (Adam Hann-Byrd). The game strands the unsuspecting boy in the lush, savage forests of a mythical realm and then nearly three decades later, the game releases an older Alan (Robin Williams) before the awed eyes of the young orphaned siblings, Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter Shepherd (Bradley Pierce). Now, the call of the wild has been heard and and the jungle calls for the Alan and the other hesitant players, as the one who rolls the dice must never leave undone what the roll has started.   

Can you spot all the best Jumanji references from the 1995 original?
 To celebrate this magical fun-filled jungle caper, we enlisted the help of talented illustrator Brett Jones (@ewf81 on Instagram & Twitter) who has created the perfect quiz for all the original Jumanji fans out there. See if you can spot the 25 references Brett has cleverly included in this picture and tell us if you can get them all!

Why you’re doing that, why not join us by celebrating the anniversary and watching Jumanji now on digital >>


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