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Ep.1 Commando – Get To The Chedda!

Get To The Chedda! Ep.1 Commando – Streaming Now on YouTube

Today Screen One is Proud To Anounce that the debut episode of our new streaming series Get To The Chedda! is now available on YouTube.The very first episode is all about 80s action classic Arnold Schwazenegger’s Commando.

Get To The Chedda! is a series where Matt Bourne and Co-Host, Combat Sports Broadcaster Malcom Martin, sit down and discuss their love of the 80s/90s action genre movies and whether they still hold up by todays standards or if they are simply too cheesy. They breakdown the films and discuss where they stack up on the Cheese-O-Meter, so why not check it out today and see if you agree with them.

With plenty of facts laughs and general fun along the way, Get To The Chedda! is something we hope that you will really enjoy and with classic movies from JCVD, Stallone, Norris, Seagal etc. coming over on future episodes, we are sure that you will enjoy watching as much as Matt & Malcom enjoyed making them.

Please let us know what you think of Get To The Chedda! in the comments below and if there’s any particular movie you’d like to see in a future episode.

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