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Ellie Bindman Interview – Blonde. Purple

The Screen One Interview features the one of the stars of Marcus Flemings Blonde. Purple (Which is out now. Details below) Ellie Bindman.

We discuss how she got the role, how she handles the more intense moments, how she got on with her co-stars, the shock for everyone when they discovered that she isn’t in fact American and how her TikTok literally exploded with views overnight!

For all of this and more just hit play. READ THE SCREEN ONE REVIEW OF BLONDE. PURPLE HERE:

Find Ellie Online!

TikTok @Ellie.Bindman

Instagram @Ellie.Bindman

Blonde. Purple – Digital Download Release Date: 30th November Digital Platforms: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox & VUDU Director/Writer: Marcus Flemmings Cast: Julian Moore-Cook, Elle Bindman, Adam J Bernard and Jennifer Lee Moon

Run Time: 129 minutes Rating: 15

Blonde. Purple is now available on Digital Formats Everywhere

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