Elizabeth Hurley stars in controversial movie Strictly Confidential on 13th May. Watch the trailer here

Elizabeth Hurley in Strictly Confidential on Screen One

Elizabeth Hurley and Georgia Lock star in writer/director Damian Hurley’s seductive feature debut Strictly ConfidentialThe captivating thriller follows a haunted young woman who is drawn into a world of seduction, duplicity and betrayal as she desperately tries to uncover the mystery surrounding her best friend’s suicide. The film makes its UK debut this May, courtesy of 101 Films

Lily (Elizabeth Hurley) is grieving the suicide of her daughter Rebecca (Lauren McQueen). On the anniversary of Rebecca’s death, Lily invites Rebecca’s college friends, including her best friend Mia (Georgia Lock), to her home in the Caribbean. Once on the island, Mia is plagued by suspicions that there’s more to Rebecca’s suicide than meets the eye. 

Gradually, she discovers each guest harbours deadly secrets, all with direct ties to Rebecca’s death. As Mia delves into Rebecca’s past, she finds herself drawn into a world of sex, duplicity and betrayal. Ignoring the dangers that lurk at every corner, Mia embarks on a relentless quest for the truth… Until suddenly it’s too late to turn back. 

Are some secrets meant to stay buried? 


Elizabeth Hurley (The Royals, Gossip Girl, Austin Powers), Georgia Lock (The Evermore Chronicles)Freddie Thorp (Fate: The Winx SagaOverdrive), Lauren McQueen (Masters of the Air, Belgravia), Max Parker (Vampire Academy, Blood, Sex & Royalty) Genevieve Gaunt (The Royals, Arthur’s Whiskey)

Elizabeth Hurley stars in Strictly Confidential on Screen One

Strictly Confidential Released on digital 13 May 2024

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