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Cult Movie Icon Catherine Mary Stewart joins us on Desert Island Movies

Welcome to Screen One’s YouTube series, where we set sail for a cinematic journey like no other. Join us as we cast away into the vast ocean of cinema and explore the celluloid treasures that would be our companions on a deserted island. In “Desert Island Movies,” we delve into the films that captivate our hearts, ignite our imaginations, and make us ponder life’s myriad facets. From timeless classics to hidden gems, each episode is a celebration of storytelling mastery and the enduring power of film. So grab your popcorn and embark with us on this adventure to uncover the movies that we simply can’t live without.

Catherine Mary Stewart on Screen One’s Desert Island Movies

Join us on this edition with Cult Movie Icon, actress Catherine MaryStewart. In addition to her three movie choices and soundtrack for the island, Catherine, talks all things Weekend At Bernies, The Last Starfighter, even giving us her role in the recently announced Last Starfighter II! We also find out about her upcoming projects and her Instagram project, #NatureOnALeash.

So join us as we travel to the Desert Island to find out just what Catherine Mary Stewart would take with her!

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Catherine Mary Stewart on Screen One's Desert Island Movies

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