Cruel Summer 1 & 2 Now Available from Scream Team Releasing

Cruel Summer 1 & 2 are now available on Blu-ray from Scream Team Releasing. 

CRUEL SUMMER – From director Scott Tepperman comes a new tale of slasher terror! A group of college students plan one final pre-graduation party at a secluded lake house for the ultimate “80s murder mystery” weekend, unaware that a masked psycho has just decided to join the celebration. Killer twists and turns “surround” every corner and so does the crazed madman. Will anyone survive the slaughter…or is this going to become a truly Cruel Summer?

CRUEL SUMMER 2 – The mayhem and blood flows in the next chapter of the retro throwback that is the Cruel Summer saga! Heeding the advice of medical professionals, the traumatized survivors of a deadly vacation house massacre try to confront their own personal demons by organizing a stage production of their harrowing experience. But a familiar face is back for revenge, and determined to make sure these unsuspecting actor’s stories fade to black before their TIME!

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