Christmas Movie Countdown Day 5

Christmas Movie Countdown Day 5 on Screen One

Welcome to December, A chill is in the air and Christmas is looming. And to celebrate the 24 day countdown to Christmas, we present you the Christmas Movie Countdown! All the films you can watch on UK streaming platforms as you count down the days to the arrival of the big day on the 25th. Enjoy.

Christmas Movie Countdown Day 5 on Screen One
Christmas Movie Countdown Day 5

All the films selected are from the Christmas movie genre. They might might be family comedies, classics, animation or a straight up feel-good movie, but be assured they are all Christmas movies for you. We will present one a day, some maybe more obvious enteries than others, but we hope that you enjoy them all.

Why not watch along with us each day for the 24 days and let us know what you think of the daily choices via our social community? You can follow, like, share and comment via the buttons below.

So without further ado here is todays selection, we provide you the film, trailer, synopsis and a link to where you can watch the movie. Have fun preparing for the Christmas season with Screen One!

Trading Places (1983) Dir. John Landis Stream: PARAMOUNT+

Trading Places trailer

Two callous millionaire brothers conspire to switch the fortunes of a snobbish investor and a wily street con artist, owing to a bet.

It’s one of the first of the BIG Christmas movies on the countdown. A 80s classic starring two actors in Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd who were hitting the top of their comedic games here. Add in a sultry performance from the ever wonderful Jamie Lee Curtis and Mr Dependable Denholm Elliot and you have a bone fide Christmas hit.

From the opening with Murphy as a homeless verteran to New Years on the train with a rather amourous gorilla, there are simply too many great moments to pick one. So time to gear up and get on board once more, or if you’ve never seen it, what better a time than day 5 of the Screen One Christmas Movie Countdown?

Trading Places movie poster - Christmas Movie Countdown Day 5 on Screen One

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