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Criterion Collection Adds Buck And The Preacher 26th September

See where it all began… a major influence on Jordan Peele’s NOPE,  Criterion Collection release BUCK AND THE PREACHER on Blu-ray this September.  

Sidney Poitier’s rousingly entertaining directorial debut helped rewrite the history of the western, bringing Black heroes to a genre in which they had always been sorely underrepresented. Combining boisterous buddy comedy with blistering, Black Power–era political fury, Poitier and a marvellously mischievous Harry Belafonte star as a tough and taciturn wagon master and an unscrupulous, pistol-packing “preacher,” who join forces in order to take on the white bounty hunters threatening a westward-bound caravan of recently freed enslaved people.

A superbly crafted revisionist landmark, BUCK AND THE PREACHER subverts Hollywood conventions at every turn and reclaims the western genre in the name of Black liberation.

Criterion Collection release BUCK AND THE PREACHER on Blu-ray September 26th.

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