Watch the teaser trailer for Blood House Film’s Blood House Henry here

Blood house Henry Image on Screen One
Blood House Henry Teaser

Blood House Films is the genre horror-based label from Glass House Distribution and they have introduced a new character that will represent the brand… and his name is Blood House Henry.

This is the story of Blood House Henry. He watched so many horror movies he went crazy. The more movies he watched the deeper he drifted into insanity. You see, each killer became a mentor of some sort of which he would choose an idiosyncrasy from. Soon he would become submerged into a diabolical world of which only he could see and begin the most horrifically gruesome downward spiral of a madman called Blood House Henry.

Blood House Henry will act as the spokesperson for Blood House Films regarding new film acquisitions and releases.

But Henry has his own story and you’ve only heard the beginning.
To Be Continued…

Blood House Films

Blood House Henry on Screen One
Blood House Henry

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