Big Church Festival 2024 Review: Giant Pandas, Afrobeats to Shileaghlies, BCF is a sparkling faith filled weekend of unbridled joy

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The Big Church Festival 2024 was an exhilarating blend of cultures, sounds, and experiences, marking its most diverse iteration yet. Held across 2 days on May Bank Holiday 25-26th May 2024 the enchanting presence of Giant Pandas to the rhythmic beats of Afrobeats and the spirited Irish shillelaghs, this festival was a true celebration of diversity and faith.

Right from the start, with flags waving in the main arena and the impressive new big top for the Illuminate stage, it was clear that the festival continues to grow and thrive. The trio of headlinersChris Tomlin, Rend Collective, and Kari Jobe with Cody Carnes—provided a powerful close to the event with their big stage worship, creating an atmosphere that was both passionate and uplifting. The legions of faith-filled worshippers who attended were treated to a festival that refreshed, renewed, and revitalized them through incredible music, fellowship, and plenty of dancing.

The variety of stages catered to different music styles and age groups, ensuring there was something for everyone. The Illuminate stage, particularly popular with the youth, featured high-energy performances from Lindz and LZ7, whose dynamic presence could probably power the entire site! The stage was also graced by Reblah, whose commanding stage presence and large following set the tone for an electrifying lineup.

Elsewhere there was NewWorldSon who stole the weekend appearing on both the Main Stage and the Tea Tent (Which is now expanded into the grounds beautiful gardens, with sets embued with Blues, simply unmissable performances.

But the Festival is more than just the music. Much much more in fact, with a funfair, expo, food, smaller stages, places for worship and something for everyone. It’s grown so much since it’s inception by Tim Jupp way back in 2009. It’s now grown to the point where th 30,000 strong crowds are not only pushing the event to being one of the UKs Top 10 Music festivals, but the 2025 incarnation will now be over 3 days during August. A sure sign that the Christian faith in the UK is flourishing and growing at an expecdential rate. Escpecially amongst the youth population. There were people from every background in attendance, Christianity has moved away from the stuffy middle classed religiousity in to booming movement that simply wants to set people free!

Held on the picturesque Wiston House grounds, the festival provided a perfect backdrop for a weekend of worship and celebration. The diverse lineup and the well-organized stages made sure that every attendee found their place and moment of joy.

Overall, the Big Church Festival 2024 was a triumph of diversity, faith, and community spirit. While it adhered to some traditional festival structures, the sheer range of experiences and the palpable sense of unity among the attendees made it a truly special event. For anyone looking to experience a vibrant blend of music, culture, and worship, this festival is a must-visit.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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