Bayview Entertainment films, The Omicron Killer & I Am Gitmo get international deal at Cannes Film Market

Bayview Entertainment strikes International distribution deal for The Omicron Killer and I Am Gitmo at the Cannes Film Market.

“We’ve been eager to expand our position on international sales and these two films are going to lead the way for us,. After our success in international sales with Skinamarink in 2023, we think that our presence in Cannes in 2024 is the next logical step for BayView.” – Peter Castro, VP of acquisitions at Bayview Entertainment

The Omicron Killer – Attacked by vicious thugs, left severely wounded and hospitalized, a serial killer known as The Omicron Killer vows vengeance as he embarks on a new reign of terror.

The Omicron Killer Trailer:

I Am Gitmo – A Muslim schoolteacher is taken to a CIA black site and then Guantanamo Bay Cuba, where he is interrogated and tortured, despite professing his innocence.

I Am Gitmo Trailer:

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