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Babar Ali’s Acclaimed Pakistani Crime Thriller “JOHN” Set for International Debut at Asian World Film Festival


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On the heels of a successful theatrical release in Pakistan, Writer/Director Babar Ali’s critically acclaimed crime thriller feature film JOHN will have its international premiere this Saturday November 11 at the 9th Edition of the Asian World Film Festival in Culver City, 9pm at the Culver Theater.  The film, which was nearly Pakistan’s official submission for the Oscars, is a coming of age story that follows the lives of an innocent janitor and a ruthless hitman. When their worlds collide, they hurtle into a game of life, love and death in the mean streets of Karachi. 

JOHN (120min) marks Babar Ali’s feature Directorial debut and stars Aashir Wajahat, Saleem Mairaj, Romaisa Khan, and Raza Samo. The Film Was Produced by Faiza Khanum and Wajahat Rauf.  Gwen Field and David Olson Are Executive Producers and Evelyn Seubert and Michael Duffy are Co-Producers.

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Director Babar Ali has personally experienced the dark side of Karachi. While making the film he was shot and miraculously survived a violent attack after visiting one of his filming locations. He grew up on the outskirts of the city where he learned how money manipulated people to resort to violence. The first murder he witnessed, he was at the age of ten. As a teenager, he was granted the opportunity to travel to the U.S. where he met a documentary filmmaker. This encounter changed his life and opened his eyes to the power of filmmaking. 

Babar Ali commented: JOHN was my dream project – a story I was dying to tell. Making a film about religion and violence as my first feature was not an easy job in a country where cinemas were being burnt by religious fanatics while I was growing up. JOHN is my attempt to understand what it takes for a human to take the life of another human and the various justifications a human being can have for such an action. Perhaps we can bring about change if we can understand it. The film was shot in Karachi and made with support from The International Youth Media Summit. 

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