Ayvianna Snow Stars In Video Shop: Tales Of Terror Releasing 21st Jan

Ayvianna Snow (LOLAWhite Colour Black, Black Lake, Barun Rai And The House On The Cliff, Hollow, The Lockdown Hauntings) stars in the new horror anthology, Video Shop Tales of Terror (Vergessen) directed by Michael Fausti and produced by Singh Lall.

Video Shop Tales of Terror brings together and celebrates the best of British independent horror under one banner, kickstarting a soon-to-be cult anthology film series!

The film features a sinister video rental store offering a portal into six individual tales of terror, including Vergessen, where a group of women find themselves trafficked to a Nazi brothel that functions as a honeytrap to blackmail the rich and powerful. When the opportunity to see beyond the shadows of their confinement presents itself to the women, the balance of power begins to shift. Ayvianna Snow plays Ilsa Lall, an unwilling participant in ‘Operation Vergessen’, who, together with her fellow occupants of the ‘Frau Haus’, seeks to escape her confines and exact revenge upon her tormentors by any means possible. Video Shop Rales of Terror – Vergessen draws upon the notorious European Arthouse Films of the 1970s. In particular, Liliana Cavani’s The Night Porter and Tinto Brass’s Salon Kitty.  

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Ayvianna Snow joins a host of horror royalty, including Laurence R Harvey and Scream Queen Dani Thompson, for Video Shop Tales of Terror’s provocative, satirical and terrifying action.

Video Shop Tales of Terror will have its World Premiere on Saturday, 21st January 2023, at The Horror on Sea Film Festival, Southend and screening on 24th February 2023 at the Romford Horror Festival.

Ayvianna says: “I am so excited to be working on this film alongside so many amazing genre filmmakers. This film means a lot to me as it is a true story detailing women’s experiences in the Second World War, and I feel women’s wartime stories are often overlooked.

Ayvianna continues to embrace her dark side, playing the lead in Michael Fausti’s forthcoming feature film, Burnt Flowers (due for release in 2024) & returning for Video Shop Tales of Terror II: Lust & Revenge (scheduled for production Q1 2023).


Spotlight:  https://www.spotlight.com/5817-5640-0092

IMDb:  https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6757384/

Ayvianna’s showreel: https://vimeo.com/780876472

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