3 Films To Watch on Amazon Prime this Weekend

She’s The Man, Knives out & Undercover Brother all streaming on Amazon Prime now.

Another weekend, another plethora of viewing choices to try and capture your attention. This weekend we take the pick of three recent additions to the Amazon Prime catalogue for you to enjoy this weekend. So sit back, click play and enjoy as we present 3 Films To Watch on Amazon Prime this Weekend.

She’s The Man (2006) Dir: Andy Flickman

Before Amanda Bynes lost the plot somewhat in 2012, the popular actress starred in this Shakepeare remake of sorts, Twelfth Night in She’s the Man. The genre had become popular due to 10 things I Hate About You starring the Late Heath Ledger had done huge box office, so along came this. Despite ‘Soccer’ not being popular in the US as it is in the UK, it did fairly well and is great fun to boot. This was also an early role for Chaning Tatum too, so give it a go.

She’s The Man Trailer

Knives Out (2019) Dir: Rian Johnson

What to say about Knives Out? Other than simply stop what you are doing and just watch it. This massively entertaining whodunnit/hangonaminutewhatthewhatsgoingondunnit from Rian Johnsonsimply owuld have been the best film of 2019 and most of the decade for 2010, if it wasn’t for a certain Oscar winning clown. Simply magnificent. A film that will keep pulling the carpet out from under you until the very last minute. Star turns from the whole cast especially Mr Bond, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans (Captain America he isn’t) & Ana De Amas. If you haven’t seen it yet. Sort it out. If you have seen it, then why not revel in it’s glory once more?

Knives Out Trailer

Undercover Brother (2002) Dir: Malcom D. Lee

A criminally unseen film, that should had rivalled Austin Powers for sheer hilarity. Eddie Griffin is on absolute top form as Anton Jackson the ‘Undercover Brother. In a similar vein to “I’m Gonna Get you Sucka”, its over the top sharp satire, is something you may just rather enjoy this weekend. When you have Dave Chappelle turning up as Conspiracy Brother Jones and Denise Richards billed as White She-Devil, you know you are in for a good time.

Undercover Brother Trailer

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