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3 Films To Watch On NOW TV This Weekend

3 Films to watch on NOW Tv THis Weekend
Alita Battle Angel Ready or Not Dragon The Bruce Lee Story all streaming on NOW TV

It’s the weekend again, and you’re probably wondering, what should I watch from the insane selection of films that streaming presents me? Well don’t worry because once again Screen One has you covered. NOW TV has one of the most extensive selection of watchable movies over all the streaming platforms, so today we present this weeks “3 Films To Watch This Weekend” via NOW TV.

Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Dir: Robert Rodriguez

Based on a manga series Gunnm, James Cameron (Avatar) and director Robert Rodriguez bring you a stylised cyperpunk action yarn that despite some negative reaction from fans is actually a very decent movie. Very impressive visuals and a great storyline, it will leave you wanting more by the time the credits roll. And if rumour is to believed, that may well be happening at some point as Edward Norton has signed on for the sequel as the mysterious Nova.

Alita: Battle Angel Trailer

Ready Or Not (2019) Dir: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

This quirky black comedy that came out of nowehere and was a critical and box office hit features a star turn from Samara Weaving (Bill & Ted: Face The Music) as Grace, the girl who thinks she has the perfect wedding day. that is until after the ceremony her new husband, Daniel (Adam Brody) and her eccentric in-laws take turn for sinister as they force her to take part in a ‘family’ tradition of Hide & Seek, except the difference being is that they seek you with crossbows, guns and knives. Yeah it’s not your normal romantic movie. But it’s absolutely fantastic.

Ready or Not Trailer

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) Rob Cohen

Bruce Lee is one of the most famous martial arts movie stars of all time, the godfather of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and general all round phenomenom, so it was only a matter of time before Hollywood made a biopic of his life. There has been many films and documentaries over the years about Lee, but this one stands out due to an excellent lead man in Jason Scott Lee (Mulan, Soldier) who had star quality written all over him and Lauren Holly who equally impressive went on the following year to star in the hugely popular Dumb & Dumber with Jim Carey. Directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast And The Furious, Daylight, Dragonheart) who was the goto big budget action director of the mid 90s. It added up to one of the most compelling and exciting biopics for years.

Dragon The Bruce Lee Story

Watch all of these movie and more on NOW TV this weekend!

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