5 Hidden Gems On Disney+ Star You Should Watch ASAP

With Disney+ adding their brand new channel Star to the streaming platform, we’ve scoured the library that they have added for you to bring you 5 hidden gems that you should absolutely watch first, when deciding where to start. We haven’t gone for the obvious choices such as Braveheart, the Die Hard Movies or even Kingsman, which are all worthy of your time but we’ve dug a little deeper to find some of the titles that weren’t mentioned in the launch of Star.

Good Morning Vietnam (1987) Robin Williams absolute triumph starring role as wartime DJ Adrian Cronauer who take son the establishment to broadcast rock ‘n’ roll to the troops, breaking from the norm and rubbing management up the wrong way. Featuring Williams at the height of his comedic best on the big screen he powers his way through every scene with his unscripted chaos and the supporting cast featuring Forrest Whittaker, Bruno Kirby (Outstanding as Cronauers nemesis Lt. Haulk), Robert Whul and JT Walsh among others make for a briliant comedy with a dramtaic edge that will bring more than a tear to your eye.

California Man (1992) Also known as Encino Man in the US as apparently non US audiences wouldn’t understand the Encino in the title, is the coming out party for Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) as the dug up cave man who wakes up in the 90s and tries to fit in with hilarious results. Also starring Lord Of The Rings Samwise Gangee himself or more recently known as Bob in Stranger Things, Sean Astin and everyones favourite most annoying co-star Pauly Shore who seemingly starred in a unending amount of films in the 90s. Its a culture clash comedy with brillaint results.

Starship Troopers (1997) After Robocop and Total Recall director Paul Verhooven made the darkly humorous sci fi actioner Starship Troopers, which puts the violence and gore in those previous two movies to shame. Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, Dina Meyer and post Dougie Howser MD Neil Patrick Harris are a group of school friends who join up to active service to take on the onslaught from interplanatery bugs as they shoot, stab, melt and suck the brains out of each other on the way to victory. Verhooven is not given nearly enough credit for this as he is Robocop and Total Recall, but it’s argueably one of his best.

Crimson Tide (1995) This movie almost has it all. Gene Hackman & Denzel Washington at logger heads chewing up the scenery. Tony Scott directing a Simpson/Bruckheimer production with a screenplay from Quentin Tarantino and score from Hans Zimmer, set on a nuclear submarine the thesion just ratchets up and up until the climax. Simply a classic thriller that doesn’t let up until the credits roll. You do not want to miss this!

Office Space (1999) From Beavis And Butthead creator Mike Judge is this brillaint acerbic comedy Office Space that has an early appearance from Jennifer Aniston and a scene stealing Gary Cole at his despicable best as the office rival Bill. Peter (Ron Livingston) a disgruntled employee plans to take revenge onm his boss Bill by planting a virus in the companies system, but it doesn’t go at all well as you can imagine. absolutely hilarious.

Other films that didn’t make the list but are also worth checking out Arnie destroying everything in sight in a bid to rescue his daughter in Commando (The watch our episode of Get To The Chedda on the film HERE) Richard Dreyfuss & Emilio Estevez as vouyeristic cops in Stakeout Steven Seagal kicking everyone about in Marked For Death and Bill Murray stealing bicycles in Rushmore. Star has a huge amount of debut content and will likely be adding more in the weeks and months to come so you should have plenty to do during the final weeks of lockdown!

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