Movies Of 2020 Part I

Over the next two days we will countdown the Screen One Movies Of 2020, today is part I (20-11), concluding with the top 10 tomorrow. It’s been a strange year what with the Covid pandemic and we saw cinemas open, then closed, then open briefly to shut again with only a limited few remaining open by the years end. We then, due to this saw films start to appear on streaming services, such as newcomers, Apple TV+ & Disney+ as well 48 hour rentals on the sell through streaming sites such as Google Play, Itunes, Rakuten, Roku and many more. So, we begin our countdown from Numbers 20 – 11 of the Screen One Movies Of 2020 Part I.

And that’s the first half of the Screen One Movies of 2020 done. Join us tomorrow for the second and final part as we countdown our top 10 movies of the year. Let us know what you thought of these films in the comments or online via our social media channels.

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