Review: Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given

Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given available to watch on Netflix now.

Kevin Hart is back at what he loves to do best, well kind of. Hart’s latest standup special Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given, courtesy of Netflix, isn’t in front of a stadium audience, in this Covid era of 2020, he’s in his front room in front of a collection of his friends. Becuase much like a lot of us these days he doesn’t like going out anymore.

While Hart is back with his particular brand of rapid-fire self depreciating humour it’s something quite new. As he admits, Kevin Hart is getting older and with that so do the subject matter, of course he covers subjects that we are familiar with such as his family, in particular one stand out section is when he talks of his daughter dating (Every fathers nightmare) and handles it in a way that only Kevin Hart can.

Also, last year Kevin Hart was Irresponsible, this time though the gloves are off as Hart does not hold back and as the title suggests, anyone and everyone is in his sights, because he’s in his house and he can say what he wants! He saves plenty of comic ire for cancel culture, who are probably sharpening their knives as we speak, readying to be outraged by Harts routine this time, but that’s the point, Hart clearly has managed to rise above and just not give a… you get the idea.

Overall this is a superb stand up from Hart, in fact one of his best. Talking about everything from the devastating car crash last year and the consequences of it, to Seinfeld and B.O.P. Hart is cleary having a ball in the comfort of his own front room (And what a front room!) and so de we as Kevin brings so much laughter, joy and swearing in a Covid ravaged 2020. A vaccine may have just been found, but Kevin Hart clearly brings the best medicine of all… Laughter and lots of it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Kevin Hart: Zero F**ks Given available to watch on Netflix now.

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